Let’s just say building a computer is NOT as easy as they make it look in the YouTube videos. Huge props to BitWit, this guy on YouTube taught me everything I know, this build lasted me a whole 5hrs after mounting the aio cooler sideways (I was really just trying not to mess up the paste and had no clue). The motherboard power cable I didn’t plug in til after I mounted the motherboard there is no room on a apex2 case by the way so that’s why that cable is in the front(Future plan is to go with a Corsair rm750x so will fix that then).The fans from Enermax is absolutely amazing I love the ring RGB I’m planning on putting the fans on the radiator on the inside instead of the outside to show more RGB Lighting(didn’t know I could use these with the Corsair H100i v2 aio cooler).Got the build pretty much %95 complete and realized I don’t have a main psu power cable to power the computer.(So here I am at 4am in the morning digging through my cabinets looking everywhere for the psu power cable)I did find one in a older pc I had years and years ago thank god. I’m using a 27” tv with hdmi for time being until my monitor comes in will update pictures when I rearrange everything and get my monitor setup.

Thanks for checking it out don’t be to harsh it is my first build. I waited a entire year collecting parts for this build to be honest it was last year on 12/26/18 I bought my first part for my build.

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  • 1 month ago
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It is as easy as it seems on the videos xd. but good job it looks good

  • 1 month ago
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Thanks brother man it was a journey that is for sure, but this setup I cannot be any happier I don’t think. This setup has played every game in ultra settings and it’s just as smooth as it can be.