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Mid-Range PC

by Xistance


This build was made for light gaming use and web browsing. The PC so far has worked great and has no problems. The parts are all great and work well together. I am very pleased with how the build works.

Updated: May 2, 2016 I have fixed my old E-Element Keyboard and replaced it in my set up but it does not really fit the overall aesthetic so I plan to change it soon. After about five months with the build I feel its time to make some overall conclusions about the build. I have learned that in the future I would not have used this GPU again. I would opt for a 970 or 980 and I plan to upgrade soon. This is not because the 960 does not meet my needs as it does. With the only problem being the occasional screen tear on my second monitor. The reason for my upgrade is the horrendous fan on the Asus Turbo cooler. It is so loud even on desktop I can hear it all the way across my house. It is slowly driving me insane. For this reason I am upgrading.

Updated: June 9, 2016 I have replaced my old graphics card with a Gigabyte Windforce 980. Feels good man. So much quieter and I am slowly regaining my sanity. I could not be more pleased with the 980 and how quiet it is. Now to get rid of the old crappy 960.

Part Reviews


The Intel Core i5 works great haven't had any problems with it. The GPU never bottlenecks and my PC does not lag

CPU Cooler

Great for the price. Superb packaging and keeps my CPU temps low. Defiantly worth it. Installing is a bit of a challenge to install alone but not that bad.


Great board includes great features and BIOS. Only downside is two of my 4 ram slots came dead so I cannot do quad channel.


Doe everything that I need them to do. Never have had any problems. Great for the price.


Extremely fast and reliable. Works great as a boot drive. Would recommend.


Great for a mass storage drive. Would recommend a SSD as a boot drive though.

Video Card

Great card. Improved my Unigin Heaven score from 1200 to 2094. Runs Doom at ultra at 60 fps or higher if I remove my fps cap. Runs quieter and cooler than my older card at higher quality.


Could not have asked for a better case. Super easy to build in and has great features. Also the 2 included case fans are nice.


Best mouse that I have ever used. Extremely comfortable and ergonomic. Best mouse for the money

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Gooberdad 8 Builds 2 points 27 months ago

Nice how about some more pictures.

Red_Eagle 1 point 27 months ago

I love that GPU

Eltech 19 Builds 1 point 27 months ago

This build was made for light gaming use and web browsing.

This PC could do a bit more then just light gaming. ;)
Of course with some couple of adjustments on the PSU and GPU down the road if ever needed more oomph someday.
Nicely done with your build. Enjoy it and thanks for sharing.