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FaceRipper 2.0 - mATX Threadripper 2950x - RTX 2080 Ti

by bewo83



Date Published

Oct. 9, 2018

CPU Clock Rate

3.5 GHz

GPU Effective Memory Clock Rate

14 GHz


This is a refresh of my original FaceRipper Build here: https://pcpartpicker.com/b/DMXPxr

Update - 12/08/2018: I wanted to improve the aesthetics of the build so I picked up a Chromax Heat sink cover and a couple of gold EK heatsinks to improve the look of the NHU12 and the M.2 drives. I experimented with different colors for the Chromax cover, including Noctua brown to match the corners of the industrial fans, however I wanted it to pop a little more, so I got a couple of white LED back light modules and hooked them up to a couple of LED headers on the motherboard. Other than that, the RTX 2080 Ti has been performing well, running games, everything seems to run over 144hz at 2k on Ultra settings. I also got tired of the clicky MX blue style mechanical keyboard so picked up a Logitech G513 with the tactile switches.


I sold my 1950x and upgraded the CPU to the Threadripper 2950x which probably wasn't necessary, but I liked the idea of higher clock speeds on the new cpu. So far the existing NH-U12s cooler seems to be doing a good job keeping temps low.


Since I did not need to worry about supplying 2 GPUs with cold air - I swapped out the default NF-F12 fan with the 2000RPM Noctua Industrial Fan I was using as an intake fan. I took off the top case fan at the front and left the 2 remaining fans to exhaust the hot air from the rear and top. This seems to provide improved air flow, and my idle temps remain below 40 degrees when the cooler fan is running at about 800 rpm. I'll continue to experiment, and may even get rid of the top exhaust fan since I suspect this may disrupt the flow of air through the CPU cooler heat sink.


I had some issues sourcing RAM for Threadripper and went through several brands to find a kit that worked at advertised speeds on the X399-M. My original GSkill Trident wouldn't get up to the advertised 3000MHz any more, and I could only get up to 2400MHz after upgrading the bios to support the new CPU. I donated the kit to my father in law for his i7 build and tried several other kits.

First I ordered a Corsair Vengeance RGB kit which was on the manufacturer supported list, but it wouldn't run faster than 2133MHz! I returned that and ordered a HyperX Predator kit running at 3600 MHz. This was the first kit to work at the advertised speeds out of the box, and was very nice aesthetically, with a coveted Samsung B-Die, however it was rated at CL17, and even though I squeezed this down to CL16, I was interested in trying the CL14 3200 Flare X kits by G. Skill also.

The Flare X kit ran at CL14 and 3200Mhz out of the box on the XMP profile and I managed to get this kit up to 3600Mhz also by loosening the timings to CL15 - the performance difference between this and the HyperX Predator kit was negligible, but I decided on this kit because of the Seiko thermal sensors installed on the chip.


I managed to get an EVGA 2080Ti on pre-order which replaced the 1070 Ti pair I was running in SLI previously. The EVGA XC Ultra RTX 2080 TI is an absolute beast of a card, it takes up 3 slots and the heat sink is massive. With an EVGA power link, the cables span the length of the Meshify C. Out of the box I did a quick benchmark in TimeSpy and got a solid 13041 which surpassed my previous score of 12972 on the overclocked 1070Ti pair. This was in line with my expectations after watching the various benchmarks that came out the week before release, and after running the OC Scanner tool, I was getting over 14000 consistently. Using the single card with an Oculus Rift, I can have super-sampling cranked up to 2.0 on maximum settings which completely transforms the experience! I thought about pre-ordering one of the custom PCB cards, but for the additional cost, I wasn't sure if the already ridiculous prices were justified for some additional power-phases, cooling or RGB.

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banaynayy 1 Build 2 points 5 months ago

How do you have such an exorbitant amount of money that you can go through 2 threadrippers, 3 top end GPUs, and 4 kits of 32gb RAM? can i have a chunk of that inheritance money lol

bewo83 submitter 3 Builds 1 point 5 months ago

There are a tonne of people on eBay looking for deals, and amazon have a great return policy :-)

JHAZZA007 1 point 5 months ago

Care to elaborate on this mate? We're you able to get these parts for less than the prices quoted?

bewo83 submitter 3 Builds 1 point 5 months ago

I got the new parts at retail price, but I sold some of the old components on eBay to recoup the cost. I returned the ram kits that didn’t work properly so I only have the 1x32G kit

jrasero 1 point 25 days ago

or you could have just done research beforehand on compatibility. Frankly the Corsair Vengeance LPX 3000 is a no frills low profile RAM but works well with TR4 and easily overclocks to 3200

Manula.Pabasara 1 Build 1 point 5 months ago

AMD+Nvidia is always the way to go btw Amazing build and 1+ for lack of RGB bling!

bewo83 submitter 3 Builds 1 point 5 months ago


birdmany 1 Build 1 point 5 months ago

Nice build! Just curious about the temperature you have when under loads. And, will push-pull on the CPU cooler make a difference?

bewo83 submitter 3 Builds 1 point 5 months ago

Under load, the CPU reaches around 68-70 degrees. I will be experimenting with a new Thermal paste, and I’ll be watching the reviews of the Coolermaster wraith ripper to see if there is a significant improvement over the Noctua. In the meantime I might throw on another 2000 rpm fan on the cooler for improved performance.

datazelle 2 Builds 1 point 5 months ago

The additional fan on the heat sink does help. Also, I have two Noctua fans mounted above the cpu in my build. I think that shaved off maybe 3-5 degrees.

bewo83 submitter 3 Builds 1 point 5 months ago

Cool, do you have the top fans in an intake or exhaust configuration?

datazelle 2 Builds 1 point 5 months ago


EnoxRule 1 point 5 months ago

Maybe an aio for the cpu?

bewo83 submitter 3 Builds 1 point 5 months ago

I don’t know of any full IHS coverage AIOs for threadripper besides the Enermax, but I’m going to steer clear of those and stick with air cooling. I don’t trust the longevity of their AIOs after the last one failed after 6 weeks.

jrasero 1 point 25 days ago

AIO specifically designed for TR4 are limited to the crappy Enermax Liqtech which has been known to corrode and leak even in their second iteration or the very cheaply made Cooler Master TR4 Edition. Frankly if you are running a 2950X or bellow you can get away with any Asetek AIO w/ the included adapter and it's runs fine or you are forced into a bulky air cooler.

c_clems 1 point 4 months ago

Awesome build! Just curious why you chose to take the plunge on the RTX card but pair it with a 2k monitor?

bewo83 submitter 3 Builds 1 point 4 months ago

Thanks! I'm using the RTX to run a VR headset and high refresh rates on 2k. I'm going to wait and see how the high refresh 4k monitors pan out, since they are a little pricey at the moment. 2x Supersampling in VR with post-processing with the RTX 2080 Ti is something else!

c_clems 1 point 4 months ago

I bet man that thing is a beast of a card! I get you with the monitor situation though. I know Acer and Asus are both releasing high refresh 4K displays but the price tags will probably be over $2000 :/

sdedarally 1 point 4 months ago

Great build! You have the EVGA 1000W PSU and the Meshify C case allows up to 175mm length PSU. How did you find the installation?

bewo83 submitter 3 Builds 1 point 4 months ago

The meshify c mini was a breeze to work with, with good cable management options and impressive airflow. I would say those sensitive to fan noise should be aware that the increased airflow comes at the cost of sound insulation. The case does not insulate sound that well due to the exposed mesh, so depending on the case fans, or if the GPU/CPU cooler has spun up, they will be audible through the case, unlike in some more enclosed models.

slaplante 1 point 4 months ago

Awesome build man. I'm trying to do the same in that I'm planning to replace my SLI configuration with that card

Question: With the GPU you have, do you think I could fit a Corsair - H150i in the front of the case? Or is that beast of a GPU simply too big to pull that off? I see some clearance between you fans and GPU, however just wanted your thoughts on if a Rad would fit there.


bewo83 submitter 3 Builds 1 point 4 months ago

Thanks! I much prefer a 1 powerful GPU over 2 in SLI. Fewer headaches! I have about an inch of clearance for the fans with the EVGA powerlink and the XC Ultra. You should be able to run a radiator and 1 set of fans if you skip the powerlink. A push pull setup on a radiator would be too much I think unless the fans are lower profile, but you should check the clearance. The Meshify C mini supports up to a 280 mm radiator at the front.

slaplante 1 point 4 months ago

Apologies I meant the 280 rad! Thanks for addressing my concerns regarding clearance and take care!


jim.robinson 1 point 4 months ago

It looked as though the ram you used is fairly tall? Did you have any problems with the Noctua fan and the 1st slot ram clearance of your X399M?

bewo83 submitter 3 Builds 1 point 4 months ago

The flare x Ram is fairly low profile. There were no issues with the noctua fan on the NH U12 cooler. With my previous ram kit, Gskill trident Z, the fins were taller and meant I had to use the U12 instead of the U14 due to the clearance. With the meshify c mini, I think you would be hard pressed to find anyone using the NH U14 due non existent ram clearance with the fan.

davisthefreeman 1 point 4 months ago

how does the graphics card work

bewo83 submitter 3 Builds 1 point 3 months ago

The RTX 2080 ti is running well, thanks for looking!

z1CHSR 1 point 4 months ago

are you running your memory kits as dual or quad channel? did you buy 2 kits of dual channel memory?

bewo83 submitter 3 Builds 1 point 3 months ago

Running quad channel

SuperGT 2 Builds 1 point 3 months ago

Is it me or the heatsink cover is lit up?

bewo83 submitter 3 Builds 1 point 3 months ago

Yes, I put an LED backlight module in place of the noctua color plastic, then hooked it up using jumper cables to a power LED header on the motherboard

lxtbell2 3 Builds 1 point 3 months ago

Nice. Our builds seem fairly similar: https://pcpartpicker.com/b/vwZRsY. I'm also sourcing some new RAMs to replace my GSkill set. No plan yet to replace my SLI cards though. Do you have issues with Flare X at CL15 (an odd number, which seems have issues on AMD)? I'm looking at those GSkill and HyperX sets also.

bewo83 submitter 3 Builds 2 points 3 months ago

Thanks for looking, love your build. Congrats on the feature. I ended up settling on running the default 3200 cl14 speed with the Flare X. I would highly recommend the hyper X predator 3600 kit also, those were the only 2 kits I could get to run at advertised speeds out of the box.

Barak 1 Build 1 point 1 month ago

Fantastic build. I just wanna know, what is that little digital display you have in the bottom right that's showing you all your temps and drives etc? Is that actually a controller of sorts or just for quick info?

bewo83 submitter 3 Builds 2 points 1 month ago

Thanks for looking! I used to run an old iPhone with duet display to display various metrics but had more issues with iOS, I found this solution on a other build here https://pcpartpicker.com/b/JrRJ7P I ordered the 3.5” screen here http://www.goverlay.com/content/lcdsysinfo2/

OrestisKotopoulos 1 point 1 month ago

Great build!!! I want to ask you one thing. Does the 2950x bottle leech the 2080ti??? I would like to build a pic with those specs but I’m afraid the cpu will bottleneck the gpu. What’s your cpu usage when playing games in 1080p or in 1440p ( in 4K there will be no bottlenecks for sure)

OrestisKotopoulos 1 point 1 month ago

I mean bottleneck! Also what are your fps in games like pubg or forza horizon in 2k for example.

bewo83 submitter 3 Builds 1 point 1 month ago

I haven’t tried 1080p but I have no issues with the TR keeping up with 1440p. I think if single threaded performance and gaming is the primary concern another CPU maybe a better option.

jrasero 1 point 25 days ago

Really similar to my personal build I have mine in a Sliger Cerberus

Case: Sliger Ceberus mATX case. Black and white panels

Motherboard: ASRock X399M

CPU: AMD 2nd Gen Ryzen Threadripper 2950X 16 Core 32 thread processor

RAM: 32GB CORSAIR Vengeance LPX 16GB (4 x 8GB) DDR4 3000


HD 1: Intel 660p Series M.2 2280 512GB NVME

HD 2: Intel 660p Series M.2 2280 512GB NVME

HD 3: HP EX920 M.2 1TB NVME

Cooler: NZXT Kraken X52 240mm AIO w/ Two Noctua NF-F12 and Two Noctua NF-A12x15 in push pull

Fans: Two Noctua NF-A12x25 w/ Phanteks Halos RGB Fan Frames attached

GPU: EVGA GeForce RTX 2080 Ti XC ULTRA GAMING 11G-P4-2383-KR

Do you have your system overclocked or just PBO?

[comment deleted]
[comment deleted by staff]
[comment deleted by staff]
bewo83 submitter 3 Builds 1 point 4 months ago

The Noctua U12s is great - I paired it up with some Cryonaut thermal paste, and this reduced my temperature by about 3 degrees compared to the Noctua paste.

I got a Chromax heatsink cover and another industrial fan and it looks pretty good now.