My last PC was E8500 which was working strong at 4.5ghz since 2007. Now my needs has increased and I was constantly getting stuck with video editing until I started to just upload my videos to PC and not edit them. Then I got that I have to do something about it. 8 years ago when I was making my E8500 rig the choice was pretty clear what and why, now with DDR4 on market, CUDA cores for editing and million ways to cool the system I had to do some serious reading.

When it is all done, all I can say is - OMG, even I max out system and GPU and CPU is running at 100%, it still manages to run anything else without hiccup. With E8500 under load I could not open internet browser and browse. With this rig I can play BeGone while rendering or stabilizing footage.

Is it OC'ed? It is. Before I installed OS it was OC'ed to 4.5GHZ . Temps never exceeds 67'C under full load while rendering. In Intel Extreme test it is 71. idle temps in Speccy shows 29'C, in Intel test 36'C. I'm not great OC'er. I just increased multiplier and tiny bit voltage and voila, it works where I want it to work. Haven't touched it since.

Both HDD's are connected in Mirror, where SSD is running OS.

BTW - I have started to play games :) It is nice to leave games to default - Ultra settings :)

Else, the amazing part of this build - CASE. I have never expected for case to be so, so easy. Everything is made to fit. Cable management, fitting in parts was a breeze. It it looks so discrete and sexy in the same time. Easy fan control, now while writing this guide it makes no noise and I mean it, it is dead silent in the room and this case in combination with Noctua makes no noise, at least I can't hear any.

Else, power consumption - while writing this guide - 90w to 95w. PSU is 750w - I'm ready for SLI(if I'll get confirmation that Adobe suite actually benefits from it).

I love it and if someone doesn't really know what he wants - you can't go wrong with this kind of build unless you are FPS catcher.


  • 48 months ago
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Nice build! I would remove the upper drive cage to maximize airflow though

  • 48 months ago
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Cheers! That was the first thing I thought, but I realized that I don't really have cooling problems unless I want to OC higher.

  • 45 months ago
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Just wondering. From the photos it looks like you have 2 HDDs set up at the bottom. Correct me if I'm wrong but can you remove the modular bays in the mid-section to increase airflow?

Looks great btw. Nice to know the DH15 fits nice in the R5 case. I'm probably going for a similar build but different CPU/GPU :D

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Hi! Im sorry to not reply, i havent been in a site since posting. You have probably built your build already, but - yes, it is possible to remove HDD cages. To be honest Im still impressed with all the parts I got at the time, and if Ill build again -R5 will be used again. So easy to work with. In my case I dont even need extra airflow. You might need if you go with SLI.

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