This was my first build and it was going to replace my old HP Notepad which wasn't doing me a job so I decided to build this..

I decided to go all out on the GPU and CPU so to save money I reused an old laptop hard drive, I am planning to replace it in the near future. The case was pretty cheap however it did the job but I had to remove the fan and to fit the IO shield and then put It back on again.

Added a new hard drive and saw significant performance improvements.

I have found no extra fans a really needed even under high load the CPU stays under 55 Degrees Celsius.

Overall this pc is good for gaming and lighter editing and for the total price it is almost 200 pounds less than the prebuilds.

Part Reviews


I bought this instead of the Ryzen 3600, despite what people said, and the £6 pound difference in cost, because in the past it has been shown that more cores always age better even if you lose out on L3 cashe, plus you get the wraith prism cooler included which is better than what the 3600 comes with. Good Purchase and i would recommend.


Cheapest B450 Full ATX on the market with medium upgradibility, you get all the functionality without the ROG label making it a good solution if you want to be cost effective and still have 4 ram slots staying full ATX, it has one RGB header if you like that sort of thing, so i would consider it a good purchase.


Best HDD for the price with high levels of cashe and fast speeds making it an obvious pick for however it can get a bit loud writing compared to newer models but if you want to save some cash for the same performance i would pick.

Video Card

Amazing card for average to high PC and can run most games on max settings at 50 - 60 FPS, its not the cheapest but its a good price for a 'Nvidia' Labelled card. Would recommend if you do not have the biggest budget but still want to have a great experience.


Great case works and has amazing airflow if you install more fans, but will still work fine with the original case fan however the fan may have to be removed and reinserted for the IO shield to fit but otherwise it works fine.

Power Supply

Cheap and still from a reputable brand and also runs quietly would recommend but if you want a more cable organised one you should buy the modular one instead for £20 pounds more.

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  • 1 month ago
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Do you recommend this case?

  • 1 month ago
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It works great if your fine with the stigma of a cheaper case.