Motherboard: One of the best if you don't plan on overclocking (still does an amazing job), tough and durable, and has a very simplistic look which I like. Asus boards are amazing. Lots of fans headers, SATA ports, PCI-E slots, and looks so good too. They don't lie when they say this board is tough stuff. Handles heat and high power like nothing. Need I say more?

CPU: Had to go with Intel's flagship CPU, the i7-4790K. I render/edit videos a lot and multi-tasking is a breeze with this! If only this came cheaper, it would crush everything else of the market.

CPU Cooler: Nothing special, just went with a brand I trust and this is their best closed-looped liquid CPU cooler.

RAM: Went with Corsair Vengeance, the best money can buy if you need fast and reliable RAM and got 16GB to help with editing/rendering.

GPU: What can I say, had to rock a 970. Great for editing/rendering and awesome for gaming. I like how the fans don't start up until it reaches a certain temperature. Its quiet, sleek and best bang for your buck!

Case: I love this case, its my favorite case to date. Mid-Sized tower, beautiful, super quiet under load, elegant design, love the fact that you can hide the power supply underneath and cable management was super easy! Did I mention its quiet?

OS: Windows 10 is where the home is. (7 was excellent too!)

Storage: I watch a lot of movies, play tons of games and edit a lot of files and I like to organize with multiple drives. It really helps with games that are being released these days now that are 50GB+!

Fans: Excellent quiet fans, again from a brand I trust. A tad pricey, but completely worth the extra dollars. They also have rubberized pads and mounts that keep them silent while running full RPM.

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  • 49 months ago
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Are you using the gpu power connectors just to keep the black appearance? Or do you not want to plug the psu cables directly to the gpu?