This is my first time posting to this site. I accept all and any criticisms and comments and I would appreciate suggestions on what I can improve next time. Thanks.

So I have been gaming on my laptop forever and though I have built PCs for others I never had my own. Until tax season came around this year and I decided yeah time for me to get my own computer. So here is a break down of the parts and why I chose them:

CPU: I chose the i5 4670k for a few reasons. One I wouldn't be doing any intensive programming, editing, media tinkering that would require the extra power of the i7. I do plan to OC but not just yet. I don't plan on trying to achieve anything over a stable 4.2ghz OC for some games and even then that isn't really necessary. I did like the price discount I got for this picking it up in store it was actually 179.99 with the motherboard deal and a friend had the same processor and no problems with it so I figured go with it.

Cooler: Well I was conflicted between AIO loop or NHD14. I did not like the size of that heatsink though it's still the king of air cooling I just couldn't handle it and the beautiful fans from noctua. The H100i does not get loud at all with the Corsair Sp120 fans I put on it and I do enjoy the temps I am seeing from it.

MOBO: It was the best mobo I could get even though it went against my color scheme for a good solid price and have onboard USB3, 6 6gbs SATA ports and for me pretty much be a nice future proof investment. And with the warranty I got I could return it and use the money should I feel like the DDR4 coming out is worth it.

RAM: Color. That is all. lol. I don't need much memory. 8gb will suffice for what I am using this build for (gaming light desktop work, everyday life.)

SSD/HDD: Once you use a SSD you don't go back. That being said the EVO is amazing and holds my OS while the Barracuda holds my thousands of albums. I'm a music hoarder. >_> And all the manga, comic books, and anime rips I can collect. Muahaha

GPU: This one was the last piece for a few reasons. I was conflicted between how much I should spend and how much performance I really needed. I felt like I was deluding myself into think I needed a GTX 780 or R9 280 because I would need the better performance. I couldn't be more wrong. My main games at the moment include, Titanfall, GW2, Castlevania and soon Skyrim. For the price the GTX 760 handles all these games fairly well and also I was thinking about not overspending on the 700 series and I would anticipate the 800 series and find a black friday sale should I truly feel it is worth the upgrade.

Case: Love at first sight. Nuff said.

PSU: I went originally with the 750W CSM because I thought I would be doing SLI but then change my mind. I saw the 650RM go down in price so I decided to nab that and sell the 750CSM to a friend.

Extras: I like the corsair fans personally as I have used them in a build for a friend some wanted them for myself, I wanted those flashing lights to proudly display my hard work.

Some things not included in the price list include the NZXT Sentry fan controller and those custom cables that I ordered to look pimp. A lot of aesthetics went into this build because it helped me through my depression and gave me something to strive for, go to work to do and something I could come home to look at and put a smile on my face.

Thank you for reading up to here. It was a blast building and I love this thing.

Extras2: - 3D Mark 11 P score. Ran Prime 95 for 20 Mins to get some temps. Ran the EVGA OC Scanner overnight and recorded temps for the under load temps.

I do have one question I am getting a coil whine noise when the card gets under load I am wondering what I should do. Has anyone else had this problem? Should I RMA the card?

Thanks! Sorry for bad pic quality. They are phone pics.


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