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kids dream

by gamax



Date Published

June 11, 2018

Date Built

March 22, 2018

CPU Clock Rate

4.2 GHz

CPU Temperature While Idle

31.0° C

CPU Temperature Under Load

62.0° C

GPU Core Clock Rate

1.506 GHz

GPU Effective Memory Clock Rate

8.1 GHz

GPU Temperature While Idle

41.0° C

GPU Temperature Under Load

70.0° C


I've built this pc last january and that was the first completed build ive done. I hope i can use it for 8 or 10years without any problem. I don't know how i can explain but my 14year'old kid inside me spam me to put rgb thing, by the way ive built it for gaming (on 1080p) im a mmorpg player but every AAAgames are welcome (works well on ultra settings for many games) As mmo player i use a multi-button mice, scimitar pro since 2years and it is a very powerfull mice, love it!

in addition i add a lightning node pro for more lightning effect :)

Part Reviews


For gaming rig you can't expect better, with basic oc (4.2 or 4.4GHz) its just perfect for many, many years. temps are great with basic watercooling kit (i have corsair h80iv2) idle: ~40°C load: 57/62°Cmax

CPU Cooler

really surprised by this "basic" AiO watercooling kit, even if original fans are a bit loud on full load, you are never able to use full speed because the cooling is really well done even with an OC processor but if you want a full quiet system after many hours of gaming you must replace those fans.


full featured mobo with high quality inside, even the I/O cover dont look cheap so that great, but -1 for bad rgb led function, no speed or brightness control (option are visible but disable i hope its a software issue)


I cant tell difference between rams, 2666MHz is really good performance choice for gaming rig and i've try two different latency (c14 and this c16) i cant see any diffrence. by the way it has good heat spreader.


ram is ram and this fit everywhere you wanna put it, 2400MHz work well i have 24Go on xmp2.0 at this speed and work well.


Can't review the speed or latency beacause i can't see difference between two similar rams, i have 24Go of 2400MHz( on xmp2.0) c16 and its work very well. But RGB is reaaaly impressive, you can do every effect you want and light effect look really good, Great heat speader too.

Video Card

If you want the best performance/price this card at 270/300€ is for you, '18 games cant runs on full ultra quality but you can handle 60fps on 1080p res' with semi-ultra settings and its really impressive too, im looking forward VR capacity but its looke like very ok. On OC mode and full load its a bit hot but cooling system is reaaaly powerfull and lose easily 10°C on one fast cooling phase.


Corsair has, for me, the best tempered glass case under 70€, its a bit small even for a mid-tower (msi gaming pro carbon is a bit too big and cable management for processor power is a shame) Both 3.0 and 2.0 usb port on facade is a good choice and you can fit 6fans in. In addition, you can easily do youre cable management cause multiple hole and enough bulging at behind.

Power Supply

cant hear the psu fans, cable look good but i need more years of use for a real review.

Wireless Network Adapter

work very well, antenna is really great. for 30€ its a must have.


Best mice i ever had, rgb effect are awesome and side panel work very well, you can move it to fit perfectly to youre thumb. The wire and even the mice are indestrucibles cause i cant tell how much times it fall from my desk because my cat play with the wire, I've got this for two years now and it look like the first day.

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Memo1010 1 Build 3 points 9 months ago

You sir, have a lot of soda

gamax submitter 1 Build 2 points 9 months ago

lmao i didnt notice, forgot to crop pics x) yes im a pembertophile and collect everything about coca-cola x)

WaterTriber 2 points 9 months ago

woah that is a ton. +1 for cool build and a crap ton of soda bottles

[comment deleted by staff]
2PieceCombo 3 points 8 months ago

Oh why the mix of RAM sweet jesus it burns. What a way to make a $1600 machine look like ***. You dont even have the 2 matching DIMMS in the same channel, you're actually hurting your performance man.

DerpyAlpuca 3 points 8 months ago

Exactly and why not clean up the cables if he’s going to go with an case that has a clear side panel

R3N3G8 1 Build 1 point 6 months ago

Was just thinking that... probably slower than it should be since they're all running single channel. :(

Gamax, you should put the RGB sticks into slots 1 and 3 and the regular 4gb sticks into 2 and 4, this way you get dual channel... I'm just surprised you have no memory and crash issues yet.

Crazycatman 4 Builds 2 points 9 months ago

SO much Coke!! If my mom saw that she probably die. She loves Coke.

LaTree 1 Build 1 point 8 months ago


Death50009 1 point 7 months ago

How did you plug the fans in to the motherboard

gamax submitter 1 Build 1 point 7 months ago

Hi, you have 4 system fan pins and 2 for youre cpu ("cpu fan" and "pump fan" for watercooling) so i've plug: my two top hd120fans on sysfan 1 (between cpu and m2 shield) and 4 (top right on the mobo), there's are both in extraction mode the case come with one ml120, i've plug to sysfan 3 (on bottom right), putting on the front side in aspiration mode Then both two fans for H80iV2 are linked and plug to pump fan (top right)