First time build! Took me about a day in total once I started. Everything booted up first try, so I'm really stoked with how this all came together. This case is an absolute monster but also an absolute pleasure to build in for a novice like me, need to work on my cable management though. Still, not too shabby for my first attempt.

Part Reviews


Does everything I need it to and more. Shreds every game exactly how I want it to and multitasking is fluid and efficient. Couldn't recommend more, especially for the price. Also, AM4 sockets are the easiest install ever it's not even funny.

CPU Cooler

A little noisy sometimes, but I've never seen my 3600 above 75 with this thing. Hardly ever see 70s tbh.


Fantastic mid-high board. RGB control is very nice and the amount of fan headers is sweet as well.


Pair with Ryzen and enable XMP. It's fast ram lol.


This thing is colossal. Having my first build in this thing was awesome, though. PLENTY of cable management room and airflow. Laying her over and picking her back up while building was a little scary, and only gets heavier the further you get into the build, but it's absolutely doable. The glass is beautiful, and you can't beat thumbscrews to open up the side panels. You have infinite options in this thing.

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