Loving this build even after only 2 days of use. Glad I went with some RGB parts even though it was a little bit more expensive. Have not had a chance to play any games and test temps/fps, but I'm sure they will be okay. Only issue I had was the radiator on my cooler is very big and I had to take it out 3 times because I thought I was good, but I ended up needing to plug more stuff in that it blocks. Cable management was a little tough and mine looks pretty sad, so I'm not going to post any pictures of that.

I will be reviewing all the parts I used so if you want to know how they perform check my reviews out.

Part Reviews


I went with this over the 3600x to save a little bit of money. Performed well in Black Ops 4 and temps stayed just below 70C. No overclocking yet. Will update if I decide to try and overclock.

CPU Cooler

RGB is amazing. I couldn't figure out the controller, so I just plugged the cooler right into the RBG slot on my motherboard. Asus Aura controls it well. Also, the radiator is huge and I had to take it out 3 times during my build because it blocked a few slots on the top of my motherboard. Installing on a AM4 socket motherboard was tough also, but that might be my lack of experience.


Don't waste your money on this motherboard if you are looking at it for the wifi. The built in wifi is complete trash. Router has to be almost in the same room as the PC for it to grab the signal. Other than the wifi, this motherboard has a nice touch of RBG and all the slots I needed. If you are looking to get this motherboard, just go with the non-wifi version since it will be cheaper, and get a wireless adapter.


Went with the 3600 over the 3200 because it was only $10 more expensive at the time and I read that the new Ryzen 3600 works well with fast memory. Nice RGB. Fast memory. Not much more you could ask for.


I use this SSD to boot Windows and games. SUPER FAST. I love it.


Its a hard drive. It works as expected. Can't see it in my case, so the color didn't matter to me.

Video Card

I didn't realize when I bought this that is has RGB on it. I don't mind because I wanted some in my build. I just cant figure out how/if I can control the RGB with Asus Aura. Ran Black Ops 4 on nearly max graphics perfectly with good FPS and temps maxed at 70C.


I love the look of this case. I used it with my first build and it was very easy to build in. Comes with 2 120mm fans. They do not have RGB, but they work for now. I have a 240mm radiator and 3 other 120mm fans total in the case. Clearance is a little tight at the top. My radiator blocks some slots on the top of my motherboard when installed. Great airflow that helps keep temps down under high load.

Power Supply

Enough power for my build and excess if I upgrade in the future. The coil was making a noise right after I first plugged it in. I changed plugs and it stopped, and it hasn't started again, so I assume it was the plug that did it.

Wireless Network Adapter

Works great. I bought this even though my motherboard has integrated wifi because it was trash. This works much better.

Case Fan

Quiet and nice RGB. Can't ask for much more out of a fan.


This might bottleneck my PC right now but it's all I have. Used it with my old gaming laptop for a 2nd screen. Will be doing the same when I upgrade monitors, but I am waiting for a good deal. All that aside, this is still a nice monitor if you aren't looking into the fine details to fully optimize your gaming.


Love this keyboard. People say they don't like Razer Synapse and I don't understand why. It is very easy to customize the RGB on this keyboard with it. Keys feel nice as well. Only thing I wish this had was a wrist pad extending off the keyboard like many come with.


I had a Logitech G602 before this one that worked very well for a year, then the left mouse button began to stick and act weird. I was skeptical to go with Logitech again because of this, but this mouse feels very nice and I saw good reviews. I like it so far, so hopefully it lasts much longer than my last one.


Have been using this headset since it came out. Comfortable and audio is even better now with my new PC.

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Solid first build!