This was a gift I got for Christmas from my parents and I absolutely love it to bits but there was a condition to it The condition was that I must pay $600 USD, on top of the $365 I got from my relatives for Christmas, to my parents to partly cover the $1800 price tag it came with

The reason it is that much is probably because it is an iBuyPower system; this means that someone assembled it and that will add on to the price

But it will be worth every hour of work I need to do

To give some background on what I used to game with, I used an Xbox 360 for most of my games and a Dell Latitude e6510 for any PC gaming I wished to 'attempt'. This laptop was a dual core pile of mush and it worked super slowly due to the large amount of background processes that had accumulated over the time I had been co-owning it with my siblings (I am the oldest and used it the most). Minecraft and Dota 2 with the lowest settings was what I could accomplish with this system, so around April of last year I began PC research

I gained enough knowledge (and then some) by the time of September, which is when I began to discuss the prospect of building a pc with my parents

The pc route was too expensive to tackle on my own with no constant job (as I am not 15+ years of age and very busy in school), so my parents decided to help me out and work out this deal

I have yet to get a proper monitor, as I am currently using a large LCD TV, so any suggestions are welcome for that

In terms of individual parts and my opinions on them:

CPU- astounding performance; just can't get over its speed and quad core design. I can run chrome and cod AW at the same time and I don't see any trouble

CPU cooler- I don't know what cooler this actually is, but I like how it keeps my cpu cool under idle and load (though load could be a little better IMO) epic looking LED

Motherboard- I didn't build this pc so I don't know what the building experience was, but it looks good and has plenty of expansion for another 970 and hard drives

RAM- 16 GB is more than enough for me, and I regularly use about 2-3 GB of it. It's at 1600 even though the part chosen is lower speed and the CAS is at 9 as well. This is just because I could not find the right part

SSD+HDD- I love my boot speeds with this SSD. I clocked 14 seconds a long time back but i have a feeling it is less than that. The HDD is a classic and offers mass storage with speedy response. (Over 1000 reviews for this part on PCPP)

GPU- here is the meat and potatoes of the system. This card is a beast and handles everything I throw at it on ultra. Skyrim and COD:AW at 1080p are no problem whatsoever. The blower also is helping to lower CPU temps compared to open air coolers

Case- gorgeous case, but not the best with cable management. There is little clearance behind the motherboard, but it really isn't a big deal (7.5/8 m8)

PSU- nice LED, lots of headroom for a second GPU and overclocking

OD- haven't had a need for it, but I may have a good use some day (part may not be the actual one in the PC)

OS- windows 8.1 is not as bad as some people think. It is different, but I kinda like it's design and the fresh experience it gives me (what with the new pc and all)

Keyboard and mouse- came with the PC, but they are really good. The keyboard is an ok membrane, but the mouse is exceptional. Large and ergonomic makes it a pleasure to use, but all other mice feel tiny and oddly shaped now.

Now, the name I chose for the PC may seem weird, but I chose it for a reason. An Icosahedron is a 20 sided shape and a D20 die is an Icosahedron. A D20 die is used in dungeons and dragons, a multiplayer tabletop RPG. I love RPG's and playing with friends so I felt that the name was a creative and original thing to choose for the PC that I will use to play games with friends.

Thank you for reading my description, and leave a comment about it if you wish!

P.S- I couldn't remember my 3D mark score but I can re-benchmark later

EDIT: Recently I have added a Razer Blackwidow Chroma and a VN248H-P to the build. I dont know what I would do without them both. CSGO has never been more fun with a decent screen and a good keyboard

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  • 63 months ago
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I'm curious why you went straight to 970. And also why you got A-Data RAM which is more $ per gb than say this.

  • 63 months ago
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I wasn't the one who picked the parts, my father did. I don't understand the ram choice but I also don't know the price of every part, as this is a prebuilt. The ram may have been on clearance when he configured it to be assembled and shipped, but I don't know for sure.

Why I went straight to the 970 is because it offers some beastly specs and a good price to performance. Plus, it is future proof, with a second 970 making a 4K gaming rig possible

  • 63 months ago
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I'm confused, did you build this or get it from iBuyPower?

  • 63 months ago
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I did not build this, it was a prebuilt system from iBuyPower

sorry for the confusion, I tend to go overboard with explanations