I could not find the correct case for my computer so i chose one that looked similar, as well my monitor was bought from microcenter for $99 and was a slightly different model it was a flatron e2242 lg monitor. finaly my motherboard... well it doesnt look good but its no longer on the market and i was unable to find the correct build or model or supplier so i didnt put one. as a side note my ram is slightly different from the standpoint of the supplier but is essentially the same in speed cache and ddr2. Yes i do know that i have cheap speakers and mid range headset but they work for me. As a final explaination I also had an hp portable 2 tb hard drive that my brother is currently using for his alternate build while he gets his new hard drive shipped in from newegg and I also coulnt find the hard drive that I have anywhere on the internet (the first 3 pages of google). Thank you for veiwing my build and feel free to comment!

                                Probably time for an update.
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  • 75 months ago
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I'm kinda confused. Is this a prebuilt? Sure looks like it, judging by the case which says "HP" on it. Prebuilts (if this is one) aren't supposed to be on PCPartpicker... if its not, sorry! Either way, if you ever upgrade even to a $400-500 APU build in the future, you'll be blown away! Good luck and happy holidays

  • 74 months ago
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Yes this computer originally came as a pre built, however I have heavily modified the parts and all that remains of the pre built computer is the motherboard the cpu and the case. I have replaced the ram and had my psu die and had to fix many parts to stay up to date.

  • 75 months ago
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-1 looks prebuilt with nothing telling us much about whats going on. and no internals

  • 75 months ago
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I feel your pain, My 9800gt and intel E6550 are struggling to play Arma 3 at medium above 25fps so i'm stuck playing Arma 2OA for the mean time.

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