This is my first build, started at age 14, and this is all paid for by me. In total I spent about $1900 on it but prices have changed. All of the 'custom' parts with no price are either parts I pulled from a dead machine, or they were just given to me. I was also given the Seagate Barracuda 750GB 7200rpm drive for free but it just happened to be in the PCPartpicker database. Sorry for weird lighting in the pictures, my room is not the ideal place to take photos, and my only current camera is the camera on my LG G3. I will constantly be upgrading/updating this build so it will probably be a while until I am done with this one and move on to another. The reason I have so many keyboards is because I collect them. The RGB LED strip is powered by my PSU through a 4-pin molex to DC plug adaptor that I soldered together. To make the case window I cut a square hole in the 300r's side panel, mounted a picture frame on it, and mounted the glass into the frame with 3M 4010 tape. I did the case window mod this way so that A: I could have real glass, and B: I could bump out the side panel for my rather tall CPU cooler.


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