Here are the latest upgrades to my gaming rig. Original build:;p and then the build to fix the original's mistakes

As you can see I have made some significant upgrades to what I was running.

I will start from the top of the list.

CPU: Nothing has changed here. I love this CPU and it's going to last me at least 5 years for two reasons. First, this thing is fast. Quad-core with Devil's Canyon Haswell Architecture. You won't find better for a gaming PC. Second, my girlfriend has told me I don't get to upgrade my PC anymore since I have spent too much money doing it.

Mobo: Stayed the same. Don't fix it if it isn't broken. Works great and doesn't miss a beat.

RAM: Upgraded to 16GB to future proof. I was running 1333, but upgraded to 1600. There wasn't anything wrong with the 1333's, but couldn't pass up the price for 16GB worth of memory.

Hard-drive: Added a second WD 1TB. I was so low on Disk space I almost had to uninstall some games. Obviously, that couldn't happen, so another 55 bucks was worth it. Boot times haven't been an issue in my rig, so I decided to get another HDD. The next Hard drive I get will be an SSD.

Case: NZXT makes great cases. I started my love for them with the NZXT Gamma and haven't looked back. Great air flow, some fans included, and the cable management system available is excellent.

PSU: Had to upgrade the Wattage of my previous PSU to allow for the addition of my 970. Semi-Modular, so less chord clutter in the back. I don't have anything plugged into the PSU that I don't need.

GPU: Saving the best part of the upgrade for last. I haven't been able to play anything on it yet, but I cannot wait to put it through a few tests. First, the thing was much larger than the 750 TI. I love the 750; excellent card for the cost, but it was time for some more future proofing and the 970 was the best choice available. It looks great in the case, and I removed the drive-bays to ensure airflow would be uninterrupted since the 970 is almost twice the size in length than the 750 was.

Overall, the build is quiet and since I gradually did my upgrades I didn't spend too much at once. I am done upgrading for quite a while, but please tell me what you think.

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  • 59 months ago
  • 2 points

Why a 4670k when 4690k is cheaper?

  • 59 months ago
  • 1 point

Not sure if the 4690k was out when I purchased the CPU. The CPU was purchase in July or August when I orginially built my PC.

Edit: I just did some research and the 4690k was out. I guess I don't have an answer as to why i opted for that instead. Good catch!

  • 59 months ago
  • 1 point

Any plans on oc'ing?

  • 59 months ago
  • 1 point

After a year or two I may give it a shot. Not going to let the K and Z97 board go to waste. Obviously for a few years I won't have any performance issued but if I start noticing things aren't going ad fast as they once were then ocing may be the way to go.