Xbox One & PS4 launched with their amazing new games, graphics, etc. I have an old PS3 which is one of those big bricks, got it when it first came out. Just got my little cousin a PS3 as they were cheaper then the 4's and it looked much nicer, was faster and had more space than my brick which I need to delete games every-time I get a new one. So now there is the question of if I should get one now or wait a couple of months, either for the holiday sale on November, or another year for them to really upgrade, or even 4 more years? At the house I have a Super-Nintendo, Nintendo 64, Game-Cube, PlayStation 1, Xbox, PlayStation 3. If I get a PS4 or Xbox One, then I will not be able to play my old games and have a bunch of systems and wires all trying to connect to one T.V. So I decided to go to the local Best Buy to check both of them out and see how the matched up. Loved Titan Fall, Rome, and Forza on Xbox One. But is the $400.00+ price tag worth the buy? Or should I wait. While trying to figure all this out I somehow ended up at the PC Games section where there were a couple of games, not as many as the platforms, but they did have Titan Fall, Call of Duty, & Watch Dogs. Asked a associate there to help me out and understand how this games work, which she did and also referred me to Steam.

After check out steam I got addicted to this and was about to buy an game. But then I decided to see if my laptop qualified to run the game. After a test on "Can I Run It" it came back failed. Starting browsing the net again and found out the most tricked out desktops - 3 to 6 monitor configurations with minimum bezels, and unlimited amount of games.

The fact that I do not have to wish for Sony, Nintendo, Microsoft, or any other platform to tell me when to buy, what to buy, and after that I am stuck with that and would have to buy again is a big relief!! I started looking through some computers and instead of a pre-build I preferred I make one myself.

I then did a lot of internet searching which led me to two very important sites that helped my build become a success, pcpartpicker and forums.pureoverclock. The people and their build has helped me pick and choose my parts for my computer!

I started this around the beginning of April 6th, started doing my research, learning, browsing pictures and builds, and purchasing parts. I completed the build on December 20th when my final essential part - The GPU - came in.

Part Choices:

CPU - I know for a gaming build I don't need more than an i5, but for the price this was a steal at micro-center.

CPU Cooler - I looked at the NZXT Kraken x61 and Corsair H100i and have been debating between them going back and forth. Then I came across the Swifttech H320 and H220. For the price, performance, and reviews this was the best choice. I can later on expand this to my GPU also.

Motherboard - I have been reading some great reviews on EVGA and wanted my 1st built to be around EVGA as much as possible, being new to this I wanted to make sure I was purchasing from a company with high customer satisfaction. Granted I have not taken this to its maximum capabilities yet, but right now it performs perfectly well with no issues.

Memory - Wanted something with a voltage of 1.5v or lower, reasonable price, and that will match my color scheme. Also I did not need anything more than 8GB for gaming but if I do run into issues in the future or just have some extra cash I can grab another pair of these. Oh did I mention it lights up?

Storage - Wanted something from a reputable company, good revies, 3 year warranty, and reasonable price. At the time of purchase the Samsung evo 840 which has far better reviews was more expensive to went with the Ultra II. The 240 will be for my OS, MS office, any main programs. The Extra 2 TB will be for storage. I will purchase another SSD 500GB for games only real soon.

Video Card - Price & Performance. Can't beat the GTX 970. I wanted to get the 980 but did not want to pay the ~$200 premium for it. Thinking about possibly getting another one for SLI, not sure though.

Case - I wanted something different from the regular rectangle standing cases. I was going to purchase the Aerocool StrikeX-Air, but I heard a lot of complains regarding dust with that one. Then I came across this beauty and wow is this amazing to work with, build, and see. This case is recommend for beginners like me, or experts who can MOD this to the next level.

Power Supply - Another EVGA product, I know 750W is more than enough for my rig, but it never hurts to have some extra wattage. Also it did not hurt my pockets that much.

Operating System - 8.1

Wireless Network Adapter - Had this laying around the house. Got it from my network provider years back but never used. Was a pain to find the drivers for this, ending up installing a bunch of viruses in the machine in the process and had to do a clean install. But finally got it to work.

Case Fan - I wanted lights, but not too much, I have the blue fans in the front and can control them. For the interior the red/ or white/ or blue outlines really stand out, even when the machine is turned off.

Fan Controller - 6 fans, and a 6 fan controller. Wanted the silver one for the looks, some techno, terminator feel to the whole black case, almost like it doesn't belong there but it looks good.

Case Accessory - Lights, many many lights.

Mouse - EVGA has a mouse. not a bad one either.

Headphones - For under $60 I can't complain about this. It's usually around $100 or more.

So Ladies and Gentlemen, this is my 1st built. It was fun, exciting, almost quit in the middle and wanted to return everything, then got back on it and completed it! Glad I did, I love it, and want to build more!! This should last a minimum of 5 years.

Please leave feedback. Good or bad. Don't mind constructive criticism as long as its constructive ;)

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  • 62 months ago
  • 2 points

Any issues with that fan controller? Also sweet build you got there. I plan on getting that case with the Swiftech H240-X later on

  • 62 months ago
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Thanks! Yea the new models are sweet. For the fan controller I only had to shove that thing in hard while the LED Controller just went in. Other than that it was a breeze.

  • 62 months ago
  • 2 points

hows the mouse? I have the same one. got some getting use to but now i cant go back! a whole new level of lazy hen?

  • 62 months ago
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I Love It!! Adjusted the weights and played around with the software. Not a fan of the button on the right but that is just a minor issue.

  • 62 months ago
  • 2 points

awesome build! does the 970 handle all your games on max settings? Also this makes me feel so stupid for spending 450 bucks on a PS4; that's a graphics card and much more.

  • 62 months ago
  • 1 point

Thank You!! I have not got around to installing and playing any games on this yet. But from many reviews people said they were able to play Crises & Battlefield on Ultra settings on a 4k monitor. Keeping my fingers crossed. I have a 1080p monitor right now, but planning on upgrading to the ASUS ROG.

For the PS4. I had this long debate with my cousin on why the computer was better then the PS4 or Xbox One. Here is a small list.

  • Computers can play old games. PS4 cannot play PS3 games.

  • Games are cheaper! While you only spend ~400 on a console and ~1000+ on a machine, in the long run you end up spending more on games and the console ends up being more expensive than the PC. We HAVE STEAM! I got Titan Fall for $5 on sale while my cousin got it for $30 for his Xbox One.

  • I can upgrade according to my needs. If a new console comes you, well then you either stay with the outdated console or pay another ~400 to buy a new one. And all your other games are trash unless you keep them with all the extra wires etc. On the computer, I can swap out the graphics card and/or upgrade Motherboard/CPU/& RAM and still play all my old games.

  • 62 months ago
  • 2 points

The 970 is a sweet card but on my 4k it struggles to reach 40 fps on high in both crisis and BF. For ultra 60 fps gaming you need crossfire 290x or sli 980s for those games. I was able to get both borderlands and skyrim lightly modded to run ultra close to 60 on my 970 but thay are older games.... Anyways sweet build and unless you want to buy another 970 (sli 970s will still struggle at 4k) stick to 1440p. Very sweet build man I love it! I like the looks of the 320 x when it's tubes were on top but other than awesome.

  • 62 months ago
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I may use the step up program to get a 980 or if they come with something better then that.