My Fourth Gaming Rig in 15 Years. Wanted to build something of a low power beast, that doesn't suck my wallet dry on the electric bill. And so Blue Ravage was born... Only real issue was the GPU has a flicker due to the low voltage sleeping state of the card. Just up the voltage to stop the twitch. But still was a pain to figure out the problem and correct it. The case is by far the best part, i love the look, the internal design works well for me, and the Headphone Clip on the side is perfect for my needs.
I bought one SSD for Windows, and after seeing the speed increase i then purchased another just for Games. Load times have decreased so much all i can say is "WOW", i am in game before it starts.

No over clocking yet. no need, runs great and out performs all other machines to date. I have not measured the Power usage, but my bill has decreased, and i use my computer more.


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