So here we are peeps build no.5!

"wait!? 5? where's the rest!?" I errr got a tad too lazy to upload is my main excuse but i'm going to be much more consistent this year i promise so i'll upload them soon-ish...

Back to the build, just a basic little PC that could handle a couple games was the plan so based off my previous builds i was able to put together a decent spec.

CPU: this was from build no.2 which got upgraded to a i5 4460 as my friend wanted for oomph for a R9 280 (although we've lost the friggin PCI-e power cable so it hasn't been fitted yet) and the performance was good enough.

Motherboard: this is my 1st AsRock mobo i've used and i'm relatively pleased with it but wasn't to happy about the placement of some ports namely the front audio and front panel connectors. i managed to cheat and loop the front audio thru the SSD gap and sit nicely between the GPU but then had a panic as the GPU was sitting on top on the front panel connectors (power and reset switch could you believe it!) so the card wouldn't sit properly. But after angling/bending the cables a tiny bit i managed to get it seated perfectly. So i may be returning back to Gigabyte for my builds 6 & 7

SSHD: seemed like good value for money then an ssd & hdd combo and i heard the boot up speeds pick up once the hard drive learns the PC a bit. so will have to wait an see but no issues when setting up

GPU: this card is being used in my 4th build and i'm currently using it's predecessor an XFX 7850 DD. both cards have been running fantastic so this seemed like a good choice for a decent mid-range GPU.

Case: i loved the look of it and the price was good. looked taller in person than online but it was very accessible and i had no trouble at all with cabling. Wouldn't have minded a bit more width behind the mobo for cable management but the side panels have an indent in them to mitigate this so great case overall.

PSU: my first non-modular and EVGA PSU and it was perfect. ratings from you guys seemed really good so...yeah lol. did the job nicely and cabling was a breeze.

CD Drive: it worked!

RAM: was the cheapest at the time and looks awesome, doesn't upset the all black aesthetic although friend wasn't too bothered about that.

So there we are build no.5! i'll try upload some of last years soon!


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Awesome! looking to build my first PC in this case! i was hoping somebody else would use it shortly before me. :D

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Thank you! It's a great case, a bit taller then i expected but still compact while retaining ample space for cable management and even a bigger GPU. Hope your 1st build goes well!

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