Hi guys,

My name is Adrian and i'm from Poland (so I apologize in advance for any spelling mistakes).

This was quite simple project. My goals were to build a simple, quiet and efficient PC. I will be using it to make some 3D projects (I just finished architecture studies), gaming (basically I just play bf4) and internet and I chose 128GB SSD because I really don't need more disk space.

Sorry that I don't have any pictures from building but i was too busy and too excited to take pictures XD

Everyone who tried to build mATX PC knows that the most difficult part is with cable management. In my build I didn't use CD drive or additional hard drive so it was a little bit easier. Before I started this build I watched like someone else approached to this problem. I also checked this site :) So I was prepared for this challenge.

I think that only mistake that I made was not using a modular PSU.

so I'm ready for any comment or suggestions about my build

P.S. I also used CPU cooler SilentiumPC Fera 2 its not on part list, and pls don't look at prices below I paid in PLN and I was to lazy to convert it to USD or GBP :)


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Love the hi-def pictures and the color theme. +1

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cable management is on point

  • 41 months ago
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lol was looking around for cable management with this case and psu and this is by far the best one!