Hey guys this is my new gaming/editing/streaming build. It's mostly for gaming but I may possibly do some streaming and video editing in the future. I wanted to sustain a good performance PC, while looking good and being somewhat silent.

CPU 4690K : I went with this CPU because I felt it's the best price to performance CPU on the market. I previously had a AMD 8320 in my old build and while it was a good CPU, I just wanted to try Intel out this time. I overclocked it to 4.1 GHz.

CPU Cooler Cooler Master Hyper 212: While it keeps my CPU nice and cool, I found the instructions on installing it, quite pitiful. I had a rather hard time with the installation. But other than the poor instructions and installation process, its a great cooler for the low price.

Motherboard Gigabyte Z97X UD3H Black Edtion : I bought this motherboard for mostly looks on first glance, but the bios was very nice and easy to use. It was my first time overclocking and it was a breeze on this motherboard. I just wish it had a different placement for the fan headers.

Ram G.Skill Sniper 16GB : I just went with the cheapest 16GB set I could find, I bought it on sale for $110 so I went with it. I got 16GB for future video editing and streaming purposes.

Storage Curcial MX100 512GB SSD : I went with just one storage device this time around and decided to just get a big SSD instead of a smaller SSD + HDD combo. Coming from only using a HDD to the SSD is outstanding, loading windows and games are lightning fast!

Video Card Asus GTX 970 : I went with the 970 becuase of the price/performance. I know there was a debacle about the whole 3.5/4GB memory issue, but put that aside and it's still a great card. My only gripe is that mine has a coil whine in some games. If anyone can help, it'd be greatly appreciated. Also this thing is HUGE compared to my AMD 7850.

Case Fractal Design Arc Midi R2 : I wanted a simple but elegant case with a side window. It was either this or the R4/R5 but I decided to go with Arc Midi this time. The fans inside the case are excellent, they are barely audible. One con might be there wasnt enough room on the back side for cable management.

Power Supply Corsair RM750 : I went with this PSU due to the fact that the fan doesn't spin until a certain threshold.

Operating System Windows 7

I also have a NZXT blue LED cable kit in there for some extra lighting. I have white sleeved silverstone extension cables on the motherboard and video card.

Parts reused from old computer :

Mouse : Logitech G602

Keyboard : Logitech G710+

Headset : Logitech G430

Monitors : Dells 1080p 21" and Asus 1080p ISP 23"


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The price:performance of this build is top notch. You should have no issues overclocking to at least 4.4ghz. I've got my 4690k at 4.4 right now, with the same cooler, and a lesser mobo... no issues with temps.

That GPU idles at a really high temperature. My 290x Lightning idles around 30c. Makes me wonder about the quality of airflow in your case.

This build is how you do a gaming build, a bit overkill on the RAM, but you'll be glad you got that much later on or for other tasks.


So, I've never heard my PSU fan... lol. You bought that one just for an auto-on fan feature... really?

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I just checked my temp again on my GPU and its at 37 degrees atm so im guessing it averages between 37-42 degrees. And I'll continue to overclock my cpu, thanks for the heads up.

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Use a program like "RealTemps" to monitor your temps and run "IntelBurnTest", you need to install and run as Admin. Set it to "Maximum". Kick back, and watch those temps while it runs this test... if it hits 80c, don't panic. These are abnormally high stress conditions provided by the burn test. You're primary concerns are:

1)Is it closing in on 85c, the max recommended for this chip via Intel is 72c, but again, this test is abnormally demanding to ensure you'll be able to handle anything you ever throw at the OC CPU in the future.

2)Does it pass the Maximum Burn or not. If you pass the burn, up the OC by 1, i.e. multiplier 44, 45, 46, and run it again. Once it fails to burn, or fails to even boot, notch it back to the last multiplier that you successfully passed the burn with.

I either got an average 4690k or my mobo is limiting me to 4.4ghz. I've gotten it to boot all the way to 4.7ghz but it would not pass the burn until 4.4ghz. And at 4.4, it's been running perfectly for a few weeks now.

Also, do not exceed 1.3 volts on the Vcore. I've mine set to 1.230 volts. And got it to boot at 4.7ghz using 1.3 volts.

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Hey dude, you have got a really similar build to mine. I also have the Asus 970 and yes I do get coil whine in Far cry 4. Only way to encounter that is to set a frame limit around 120-200. Ubisoft games are not optimized... especially the menu of these games, they render at 3000 frames per second. Not to mention the loading screen which also renders at high fps. Ya, just set the frame limit using the Asus GPU Tweak and coil whine should be gone.

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Yea I was doing some research last night and saw something that it only occurs in benchmakrs and when games go above a certain FPS, i will try that Asus GPU Tweak trick out. Thanks for the info :D

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I have the same gpu, and my unit will only whine when I am getting way too many frames. However, I almost always turn on V-Sync so it doesn't happen anymore. See you on the battlefield! lol