The back story to this build is a small and simple one, I wanted to buy a Mobo combo off eBay and had seen the included motherboard, CPU, cooler and RAM was for sale but £250 Buy it Now... tempted but not enough to splurge out. However I contacted the seller asking if they were planning to relist (for cheaper I was hoping) however I was offered a whole setup including the combo.

I'll not bore you with the whole content but the bits in this rig reflect the rough amount I paid for them based on the bulk bought PC for £500 (worth around £1k) total bargain.

The Razer NZXT H440 got sold on for a slight profit (roughly paid 32.75 sold for 45). Anyway the other bits:

CPU, Motherboard, RAM and Cooler were the main items I was trying to get a hold of and worked out great in this system, only concern is that the cooler fan on the side with the RAM is sat on the RAM a little due to its smallness.

The case was from my Red Dragon Build as I was going to put it in the 300R not realising that an AIO like the H100i GT wouldn't fit without a fight. So I upgraded to a 750D regardless this was left unused so I thought why not.

The SSD came in the pre custom built PC along with a 120GB Samsung and a 1TB Seagate Barracuda. The other two are being kept to one side for a gaming rig I am in the process of building for a Youth Club I run, so keep an eye out for it (hoping to teach the kids a bit about it and do it in 30min segments each week, if it weren't for this plan it would have been the first build with a 1060 in it... >.>)

The PSU featured is not the right one as I could not find the one I have in it, possibly an older sticker model?

The fans were unused from the aforementioned 750D and left over that I ended up not using. The fan controller was a cheap purchase on eBay which was a massive requirement since this thing has 6 fans (would have been 7 but the cooler stopped the second side panel fan from fitting)

Therefore the pieces you see before you are leftovers from a pre custom built and a build that went wrong :)

The use for this system is to be a moderate gaming machine, it has no GPU but I have a spare 980ti from my Dragon build as I recently procured a 1080GTX so I could whack that in but currently both are listed on Gumtree to get rid really. Its quite a tight fit round the top with the fans and the cooler etc but I enjoyed the challenge, this was my second build.

If you got this far and didn't get bored then well done. Even I got bored but I have ADHD so... Yeah Thanks and Bye!

Part Reviews

CPU Cooler

Never heard of the brand or the cooler itself before but it keeps the CPU very nicely cooler, the previous owner had the CPU (i5 4690k) OC'd to 4.5 with no issues. My only gripe is that its rather bulky so kind of hard to work with.


It does exactly what I expect it to do, its RAM after all


This SSD has been used for the OS and it does it very well, I had never really heard of OCZ that much but it does seem good quality.


Its a little on the small side considering it was originally intended for a AIO water cooler the top is very close to where the motherboard sits and so it doesn't really come across as an ATX case more of a mATX. Still good quality and fun to work with.

Fan Controller

This I really enjoyed playing around with, seems to think the PC sits at 22oC which could be right as I like my room to reflect my personally, very cold. However the fan control is great you can use it to switch off non PWM fans and change the speed of PWM's.


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Hey, did you have to remove the heatsinks from your RAM ?

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Sorry only just see this. No I didn't although the fan on that side does sit on top of the RAM a little bit but nothing that impacted performance. Think it ran on heavy at around 25 degrees

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Haha yeah the machine was running at the time I should really get some insidey shots. Unfortunately due to the darkness the only visible thing you can see is the fan or reflections >.<