The first PC that I have built personally, which have traveled up and down the country with me because of work, so tell me what you think? and what i can do better for my next build? the processor is overclocked to 4Ghz which i had up to 4.5 but it was running at 75c during Intelburn stress test.

I have also modified the case by adding a side window due to the red glow of the CoolerMaster V8, red accents around the motherboard and the MSI logo, I used a sheet of dark smoke acrylic for the window to match the whole black look of the case when the power is off.

the price of the build is a little off, because i spent below £900. this is because a lot of the parts which i used came from a previous PC (AMD Phenom II X4 980 black) and also my previous job.

Any way i finally happy with this machine. BUT if i ever remade this i would definitely change: The CPU cooler which is on the loud side at idle even at stock frequency Plus the graphics card where i would spend a bit more and get one that had a bit more power even though i have managed 60 FPS in high on most games i play ( I locked the frame rate on the AMD software this kept the card quiet and cool)

Cinebench R15.0 OpenGL 125.85 FPS CPU 613cb CPU (single) 160cb


Part Reviews


A great CPU for gaming which i have got up to 4.5GHz, but scaled it back due to me cooler not being able to keep temps below a comfortable level (this was during IntelBurn test, so it might have been lower during day to day). But if you want to broadcast the I7 is the choice to go for due to the hyper-threading it offers.

CPU Cooler

Its a Great looking cooler and it keeps the CPU cool. That is about the only thing I like about it, far bigger than I imagined it would be (yes i know i should have checked the size) and its very noisy even at idle.


Very good set of RAM that has survived multiple builds and being removed a lot and still it looks great and matches my system well.


My first SSD that i brought for a great price during the black Friday sales and it has never failed to disappointing, the speed of an SSD is amazing when coming from a HDD and don't think i will even go back, unless its for bulk storage due to the price per GB. mainly used for my boot and my current games due to the benefit i get from the game loading time (Rome 2).


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Your mouse pad is sideways, but other than that it is a very clean build with excellent cable management.

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Didn't have a lot of space then, but got a ten keyless keyboard and a mousepad that fits the colour scheme better now, so it can be the right way round now

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That sounds really cool, you should add a picture of the new setup to the pictures.