I've been working on my setup for the past 4 months now, and wow has it improved a crap ton. since then ive upgraded my Case, PSU, Motherboard, and a crap ton other stuff.

But Enough of that nonsense; onto my Current Build.

Note-this is a work in Progress, if you want to see my Final Goal, Click Here

My current build is pretty much above average, but i am very happy with the way it looks.

Currently supported by a Cooler Master Hyper 212 Evo and underneath that is sitting a Intel i5 4460.

yes, it is a LGA1150 aka Haswell Build, wasnt really into the skylake build, but im looking foward to the "kaby lake series"

Chose a MSI Z97S SlI Krait Edition as my god like Motherboard. it has all that i need for futureproofing decent OC'ing and running a 3 PCI setup, featuring 2 GTX 1080's and a Elgato HD60 capture card.

Running a purchased stick of HyperX Fury 8gb ram with some Unmatched but decent Corsair ram.

Just Got a Very Elite Power Supply by the name of Corsair RM850i. There are plenty of Included Cables and they all have Good length for PC parts

It all powers my Motherboard, my double HDD setup, the Fan controller to my Corsair 760t Case, and my DVD Drive.

Also got those two sweet Quality Monitors for the Dual but Future-to-be Triple Monitor Setup. just not sure of what 3 Monitor i want. i know i want a 144hz 1ms one.

The Triple monitor mount i got from amazon, and its ok Quality for its price, might return it since i got it like 3 weeks ago. and the desk i got lucky and got at a wholesale auction. has 78x35 inches of real-estate in it.

Comment on what you think about my Setup and please also comment on what you think about my Final build Here


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Pictures are tiny.

  • 44 months ago
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Gr8 M8, will R8 8/8

  • 44 months ago
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Nice build, needs bigger pictures. I don't think it's worth having the unmatched Corsair ram in there. You are probably better off sticking with the 8GB stick, selling the Corsair and eventually getting a second 8GB 1600 HyperX Fury if you want more RAM.