this is my first build and just doing the research and choosing all the parts was so fun and I cant wait to actually put this machine together and see what she can do...... I'm building this for gaming and casual use, maybe some recording later. all the prices are including the discounts at the point of sale and the mail in rebates. I got it all from newegg, I could have saved a little more money if I had gone with the lowest priced stores but I didn't want to go through the process of dealing with multiple stores, and having parts scattered on delivery. i'll be posting pics of the unboxing and pics throughout the building process. im pretty pumped about it and can honestly say I will not go retail for a pc ever again just based on the experience I had with parts picking.... keyboard- im using the G105 I had previously im looking at getting a mechanical one soon. mouse- Logitech G600 mmo Gaming Mouse. head set- turtle beach x12 they haven't done me wrong yet. loving them at my initial budget was 1k but I slightly went passed it =/. wife doesn't have to know though right? =D so.. a couple days after completion and the system is working flawlessly. running wow of ultra settings getting around 80+fps running battlefield 4 of max settings not sure of the fps but its running smoothly and everything looks badass. FSX runs excellent, haven't been able to play that without glitches before lol. so the case is awesome came with 5 fans 1-140mm Blue LED, 4-120mm (2 Blue LED). I had to remove the side panel fan because the hyper 212 evo only allows about 1/2" clearance of the panel so I just put that fan on the other side of the hayper 212 for a push pull effect. The side glass panel is tinted more than I thought it would be so if your looking for a case to show of your goods I would go elsewhere.Update- I have recently wired up some Blue LED light strips though out the case and those + the Blue LED fans make this thing look sexy in a dark room. The assembly went smoother than I thought it was I had to refer to the manuals a bit, but hey, who doesn't on their first build. there is a **** ton of room in this thing, It may be Im just not use to seeing a custom case. but this thing is massive to me I have room for another 140mm fan, and 3 more 120mm. have 8 more hard drive bays that I can remove if I need to but I didn't see the need for it atm. I haven't overclocked it yet but I tend to after I read up on it a bit more and know what im doing so I don't fry anything lol. this pc is a huge upgrade from my Asus g73-jh laptop I bought back in 2010.

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