yes you can say "omg, he paid 390$ for r9 290!?!" yes, i live in Turkey and living there is so expensive. taxes are ridiculously high. sorry for pic quality and bad english :(*

-cpu hasn't got hyperthreading but you dont need that too much if you are gaming lot. performance is well but it gets over 65 degrees in gaming with stock cooler (i oc'ed it to 4 ghz with just raising multiplier, voltage is stock). i will throw phanteks tc14pe-bk in there for cooling and complete the color scheme.

-great looking motherboard supports sli and cfx, has m.2 slot, 6 fan inputs

-memory is running 1333 mhz default, you must use xmp for get 1600 mhz.

-case is the best case you can get in this price. great looking, lots of fan places, supports e-atx mobos, side doors are tool-free.

-power supply cables are too hard, bad for cable management

-msi r9 290 is extreme silent fans can't get over %50 if you can't change it from afterburner.

3dmark fire strike extreme score : 4418 (graphics score : 4694, physics score : 7650)

  • update : ph-tc14pe_bk and wd10ezex added

-cooler is the beast, performance is between noctua's d14 and d15 but looking is awesome. max cpu temp under aida64 cpu+cache test is 48

pcpartpicker says c70 case and ph-tc14pe aren't compatible but if you have low profile ram it's not a problem anymore

cpu-z validation : 3dmark :

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