I've been piecing this together for almost a year now! My last build was mostly from 2002, so needless to say it had some age to it. A good chunk of my parts(mem, PS, CPU cooler, HDD, monitor) I got online, with another selection of parts (mobo, CPU, case(display model bargain)) were locally sourced. The rest (optical drive, keyboard(HP SK2560 Multimedia - PS2), wireless mouse (original Logitech MX Laser M-RAG97), speakers (Altec Lansing 251 5.1 Surround), two CRT monitors, and two older hdd's(one of which is a 200GB Seagate ST320082 pata)) were from previous donor computers. The OS was received through a promotional channel between Microsoft and the community college I attended.

Some parts included are older and not listed. And I must admit, it was very interesting using a case that had all sorts of cable routing options!

I look forward to several years of enjoyable use out this build, as had with my previous builds. (given fiscal restrictions, this is a much needed kick-in-the-pants compared to my previous build with an AMD Fx-2100+ and a GeForce 7600GS AGP!)

Sorry about the horrible pics, a first gen Galaxy S with not-so-great lighting...

UPDATE: After having this machine for two years now, I have come to the realization that ambient room temperature plays a BIG part in reported computer temperatures (have always known, just not to what extent). This computer is located in a bonus room that ends up staying fairly warm (average 85°F or higher - sometimes in the upper 90s) through most of the year. Only in these past couple of weeks have I noticed the machine actually reading low. Because it has actually gotten quite cold here, and I haven't turned the heat on that room yet. So temps right now are 18°C and 50°C under idle and load conditions respectively. Today's date is 11/5/2015, with ambient room temperature @ 63.5°F (17.5°C). [Previous temps posted were 28 and 61°C]. I have also done some minor overclocking of the CPU, up from the standard 4.0 GHz. Also now updated to Windows 10 Pro from Win7. Also using a second LCD monitor, a Dell E193FP.


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In response to your forum post, it seems you have posted this in the correct way/section

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That's one hot CPU 106.0°C Under Load?

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That's what CPUID HWMonitor stated at the time I posted.... Not quite sure as to that programs accuracy though, as it auto-populates extra fans over time with my mainboard. I'll have o check it again soon

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For my temperatures I am using CPUID HWMonitor. For the CPU temperatures, should I be reading the temperatures from my Asus Motherboard, or from the actual AMD-FX850 section?

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