These are updates to the build I did for my birthday last June. I primarily use this computer for gaming and when I have to work from home. The main point of the update was to install new hard drives to have a RAID 0 backup for important work files, play the newest games at ultra settings, and make the build look cool. The computer runs AC4, Hitman Absolution, Tomb Raider, and COD Ghosts all at the highest settings. For my job, I do building design work and the computer runs Autodesk Revit and AutoCAD better than my workstation at my job.

Reasoning behind the components:

CPU - I have always been an AMD fanboy and when I originally built the PC I was more focused on price vs performance. By overclocking the processor I get the performance I want even though it may come off as unbalanced with the gtx780. I am not going lose sleep at night over the 3-5fps "bottleneck" I may or may not be getting from the processor. The Corsair H60 keeps the processor <50C under full load.

RAM - Under normal circumstances I would get by just fine with 8GB, however, large Revit files usually require 10GB+ of RAM.

Motherboard - As with the CPU this was originally a price vs performance component. It supports everything I needed from the motherboard; overclocks CPU well, 5x SATA 6GB/s connectors, and USB 3.0 headers.

Hard Drives - 120GB SSD boots windows fast and the 2TB hard drives in RAID 0 can hold all my games, programs, and important files without having to worry about a hard drive failure.

GPU - Was updated from a gtx660 oem 1.5gb model I purchased off ebay. I was originally going to buy a gtx770 however the 4GB models (wanted the VRAM for Revit and games) were only about $100 cheaper than the gtx780 3gb model and since its tax return season I decided to go all in. Obviously, this card runs everything well and may be a little overkill for the build but I won't have to worry about updating the card for several years.

Case - Installing everything in the case was simple and easy. Cable management was easy with the modular power supply and air flow is very good. NZXT Hue makes the case look awesome.


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Wow the lighting is amazing. Now I really want to add that to my build.

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You should really have a look on corsair's led fans. I've got the same case, the same psu and the same cpu cooler and they are very nice.

Raid 0 is for faster HDD speeds. Raid 1 is the so called "mirror". So You should try to turn into Raid 1 for auto backup

Question: what dust filter did you apply on the side panel?

Have a look on my built and comment :)

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