This worked really well. I'm very glad I went with 64 GB of RAM, rather than 32. It wasn't hard to install Windows 7 pro from a USB 3 key, since Asus provides a utility for modifying the windows 7 image (acquired from microsoft).

Get the best video card you can with the most memory. I built this days before the 1080/1070 stuff came out, but I chose a card with proven cooling ability and performance anyway. I'm not a fan of first-gen gaming cards for workstations. I'd rather get a good proven card from the previous gen.


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looks strong , love the list, praps!... and hell yeah, more ram for 3d renderning was the correct choice. +1 all day !

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Thanks for the comments! I actually do not do much rendering, or I would have opted for more CPU cores. I mostly am doing realtime viewport manipulation, but I've already come to situations where I've been using 59 GB of ram.