Great High-end Computer for gaming. It is a very open build allowing for great cooling, and has full RGB except for case fans(work in progress). It is currently on a wifi card the PCE-AC56 from Asus. I highly recommend this build if youre into RGB and want a good gaming setup.

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Mine is a bit fussy when hitting 5 GHZ, but it still serves great at 4.9 GHZ

CPU Cooler

It cools great, but the CPU temp readings sometimes shoot up to 60 degrees(false reading) and the fans ramp up.


Everything about this motherboard is great, and it works very well. I would give it four star if i wanted to go SLI because the second PCI slot is an 8 PCI.


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Run some load tests and post your gpu temps bro! Highly curious about temps as I'm about to build with a 1080ti strix and really want to vertical mount like this. Thanks!