Hi there, I've been planning to build a computer for forever, everyone at my school is doing it and after saving up for the last two years, and having cycled through several million part lists, I managed it. At first, I couldn't decide what to use and only being on a small budget, I thought amd was the way to go. I'd seen benchmarks of the 1050 ti and it seemed to run overwatch and destiny 2 pretty well so those were sorted. by this point my core components were beginning to look pretty clear and I knew it had to be mini itx due to a lack of desk space but I felt like the computer needed a purpose. It was on that fateful day I went to see Spiderman: Into The Spiderverse. I fell in love with the soundtrack, the art and animation and most importantly, the character of Miles Morales. My mind was set. I would build a themed pc. After seeing a Linus video on plastidip, I decided that was how I would recreate Miles' iconic suit. That and my school's laser cutter. It posted first try (a miracle in itself) and it runs all my games at 60 FPS. Thanks for reading this and thank you to this wonderful community for inspiring me every step of the way.

Part Reviews


Great little CPU, runs everything great


Great mobo, has WiFi!


Really fast storage, couldn't be happier

Video Card

Small but mighty, runs everything I need it to


Great price for a great case! Also one Huge fan.

Power Supply

Complete overkill but a very nice PSU

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  • 11 months ago
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dope.. lovely compact build.. great build.. lovely setup.. and you know. i have 2 years the same cpu, lil beast honestly... for editing 1440p ... gameplays and gaming.. with a gtx1060 3gb. i oc this lil boy with RyzenMaster Soft. to 3.7ghz. ^