I am console user (PS3) who decided to convert and this is my first build. I am a programmer so the extra cores are gonna help. Also, I'd like to support the underdog ;)

System cost around $830 including cables, keyboard, mouse (shipping and tax included). I have $70 worth of rebate that hopefully will bring the cost down to $760.

Also, I went with the 7850 1GB simply because I play at 1080p and 30fps is good for me ATM. Plus the card came with Far Cry 3, Tomb Raider, Bioshock! Too good to be missed. Once AMD introduces the (REAL) 8000 with a new game bundles, I might consider an upgrade.

Now for cable management, I am new and I tried my best so cut me some slack! xD Nevertheless, I hate the CPU cable going the way it is but it's too short to route it from behind. So I'll live without.


  • 79 months ago
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How is the CPU cooler treating you, and what overclock speed did you get on your FX-6300?

  • 73 months ago
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Even with good cable management, that case looks crowded, but it might just be the picture. What's that black vertical bar between the motherboard and the drive cages?