I needed to replace my old laptop with something more up to date and, since i wanted to switch to a desktop pc, i decided to build my own.

Part Reviews


The new Ryzen 3 3200g is the ideal choice for a budget build. It will handle easily every office task you will trow at it and, when paired with a good set of ram, it will even handle some light gaming. If you are not planning on overclocking, the provided air cooler should be enough. One thing to notice is that the cooler fan shroud (the one with the AMD logo, which is a separate part from the fan) will hit the ram once installed; to solve this problem you can simply remove the fan plastic shroud or you could unscrew the fan and rotate it by 90 degrees, which is what i have done.


I heard conflicting opinions on this motherboard, but it has been working fine for me. The one i purchased was "Ryzen 3000 series ready", so i didn't had to update the bios. Some connectors are a bit hard to reach and the bios software is a bit intricate at first. One thing i want to point out is that the manual provided is outdated and that the newer bios has a slightly different configuration over the one described in the manual.


A good case with some minor defects. The airflow is good (thanks to the 200mm fan) and the cable management is very easy, plus it can accommodate a full length graphics card and even a liquid cooler radiator. All the panels come off and this makes the building process much easier.

Power Supply

A 450W psu is more than enough for the components i have chosen and the semi-modular configuration helps with cable management.

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  • 2 months ago
  • 2 points

Awesome build! I've done a build with this case before, it does seem to have more room than it looks for a clean build! :)

  • 2 months ago
  • 1 point

Thank you! The thing i like the most about this case is the fact that you can fit in it high end components and cooling solutions, despite its compact size.