I actually completed this in December 2013. I went AMD because it was cheaper. (I'm getting the itch to build a Skylake build). The CPU cooler was way bigger that I thought, but it still fit in the case. There wasn't much of a FM2+ motherboard selection back then so I just went with a reputable brand and wifi one. I chose the RAM that performs best with my CPU so there wouldn't be a bottleneck (So I've read). Samsung SSD was expensive back then and I probably would have got a cheaper one but I guess I read that Samsung was the most reputable. Now everyone makes SSDs! Got a nice WB 1 TB hard drive for backup, haven't even used it yet. The GPU was perfect for my budget and love EVGA quality and look. It was bigger than I thought also and had to remove the second hard drive cage which was in the way of the airflow anyways. Power supply is still working like a charm, no issues. I LOVE THE CASE IT LOOKS LIKE A MAC PRO. Great layout for efficient airflow, too. Wider than I thought though. This was my first build and I learned a lot. SO FUN. I've ascended!

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