3950x for 3D modeling, rendering, CAD and photo editing. I already had the GPU, PSU, Sata SSD's, and DVD writer (yes I use it. Im old with old friends according to the fashion of the tech). Sorry for the bad quality photos. I took them with my mobile and all black parts are not easy to take good photos. Especially the nh-d15 chromax is just a super mat jet black. In reality the computers looks very dark and classy. Ill probably write a full description afterwards but here is a quick performance info:

I have 3950x for 2 weeks now with nh-d15 chromax. I was cautious and asked noctua about the AIO thing. They told me that they do not understand why AMD did such a thing and they said that nh-d15 nh-d15s nh-u12a were more than capable of cooling it. I was never planning to buy an aio so I ordered nh-d15 chromax since it fits well with msi unify. Just a precaution: I have ordered Kryonaut and used that one instead of noctua`s thermal paste.

I do not use any PBOor auto OC. Values are stock. Case is carbide air 540 with 3 arctic p120 intakes and one arctic p140 exhaust. ambient temp around 21C

I have ran 20 minutes cinebench r20 with custom fan curves. My scores are varying (since I do not turn off any background programs it is not a pure academic benchmark) in between 9110 and 9205. Single core scores 522 - 542.

Now the temperatures: I have never seen 60c. it gets stabilized around 56C (no delta actual read out). r20 all core they vary around 3960 and 4000. single core he hits 4725 and sometimes 4750 but usually around 4675.

Prime 95 it is even less around shortest 51C, short 51C, long 52C Blender is also the same but latest the junk shop render cpu suddenly worked for the full period all core at 4200 and I have reached 58C.

Aida 64 produced (of course) the hottest result maxing out at 66C, but that test is unrealistic.

AIO requirement is nonsense. It is premium silicon. Feel comfortable to go with air cooling.

I do not max-out the fans, a custom smart fan curve is running. At these temperatures cpu fans run around 1150; front intakes around 1300-1400 and exhaust around 1600. when idle all fans are around 400.

Part Reviews


Also read my description about my build. It is just a premium silicon. I believe also I have won the the silicon lottery. At stock settings my benchmark results are way better than online reviewers but also I have never seen him reaching 60C at an ambient temperature of 21C. It is just a beast living happily and cool under noctua NH-D15 chromax. It hits frequently 4700 and little bit above for single thread and multi thread performance is a beast. Beats 2nd gen 24 core Threadripper and competes with 2nd gen 32 core part. It is a dream for 3d editing and simulation having this performance on a desktop mainstream platform.

CPU Cooler

Just wonderful. It is silent, cools 3950x under 58C at full load with smart fan curve (at that temperature fans are around 1100 rpm). Easy to install. Before buying it I have discussed its capability of cooling 3950X with noctua on twitter. They told me that it is more than enough for it and they did not understand why AMD made such a move recommending AIO coolers only. My system is a living proof of its cooling capability. Just a small comment. Fan cable is little bit loose in the groove of the fan hub support and can easily get out of there when installing. My first time firing up the computer started with a horrible scratching sound of propeller to the cable :)
Note: I was too cautious so I have used Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut instead of noctua thermal paste.


No RGB, rock solid VRM, extremely heavy cooling blocks ( I really mean heavy board is the heaviest board I have ever lifted) and user cleanable (yes you can blow the dust) pch fan. PCH fan only runs at boot up, I have never seen it running never touched the settings of that fan and never seen temperatures above 45C on the chipset. Nowadays for x570 platform you have to choose between 6-8 sata with 2 m.2 or 3 m.2 with 4 sata. I have chosen the latter. Gigabyte and Asrock provides you with more than 4 sata ports but when you install 3rd m.2 nvme everything above 4 sata is disabled which I do not need actually. For price performance and avoiding all stupid colors and RGB, I got what I really care for my money.


I thought I have ordered samsung b die version of this but apparently it is Hynix. I run full memtest and prime 95 at xmp. No problems and fits nicely under nh-d15. What else do you want. I`ll probably upgrade to 64 if it is needed but so far everything I do nicely fits in it.


This case is a mixed bag because it a perfect example of a beautiful concept not engineered and produced in the same standards. Case is just 8 to 10cm wider than any mid tower case but because of utilizing 2 compartment the MB side of the case is huge. while maintaining to be as compact as a meshify C as sideview. It is a builders dream there is huge space at the bottom and at the top of the case even with nh-d15 you can access all around the MB like fan connectors and CPU power with ease. Which I believe also helps to achieve supreme ventilation. Fans coming with it are just crap 3 pin fans. I have removed them and added 3x arctic p120 at the front and one arctic p140 as exhaust. They create a wind tunnel inside the case. You even do not need exhaust when front fans are above 800rpm you can feel air getting out from the back naturally. You do not need to do any cable management, just pull the cables to the second compartment and leave the spaghetti there :) There are 2 odd bays even which is important for me. Another wow point of the case is the front IO of the case is actually at the front of the case. It is a rarity nowadays to find cases which actually have it at the front :) Cooling of this case is supreme really, i can literally feel the fans pulling with ease from the front where the only air filter is and air getting out from the back. It really helps my nh-d15 to keep 3950x below 60 at all times without maxed out fans. Last point is the breathing room inside for your hardware I`m planning to install multiple gpu's and they will not be squeezed in between the window and psu shroud or case bottom. After the mother board ends at the bottom there is a huge space. You are not restricted in any directions.

Now the downsides.

There are no air filters except the front air intake. I have made my own filters by using panty hose pvc hot glue gun and magnetic tape. It does not cost much but for the price of this case it is stupid to do that. The top metal mesh of mb compartment is also not filtered. I have unscrewed the mesh and wrapped it in pantyhose. That was the easiest. Hardest ones are the second compartment for the PSU intake. I made 2 magnetic filters for that ones. At the bottom of the case under the hdd caddies there are giant holes (god knows why) I have closed it with black cardboard. It is a fun project but why do you build it like that corsair. Hot swap hdd ssd sledges at the bottom are not perfectly aligned with the power and sata socket. So you have to align it by unscrewing them and forcing the caddies into position but it works. Another corsair rarity: This case has cpu cooler clearance of 180mm. But their website says 170 and part picker says 172. I have asked it to Corsair itself by telling that users manual indicates 180 but your website says 170 which is correct. They confirmed the 180 but never updated their website. Since this case is introduced in 2013 it is crazy that they actually repel customers with beefy air coolers. Unbelievable. From outside the case looks awesome, it is toolless and it is a builders dream. Everything is easy and it cools like a snowstorm with good aftermarket fans. It is a very acceptable case for every environment in a cozy home room too. With ikea usb warm white 2700k lights that I installed it looks like an old radio with lamps.
It is a shame that refresh of this case CORSAIR Crystal Series 680X was such a dissapointment for me with 2 slabs of TG killing its supreme ventilation and removing odd bays.

Anyway I`m happy with it wit all the modifications (fixes :) ) I made and planning to use it for at least 10-15 years.

Case Fan

These fans are fantastic. If you want nf-a12x25 and do not have the cash for it go with these. Look at der8auer's case fan reviews their performance test puts the p12 version of these fans right next to noctua nf-a12x25. These p120 fans are even better. They can spin as low as 200rpm and ramp up to 2100rpm. You have full PWM range from 10% to 100% to play with no low noise adapters necessary. Their static pressure is better than noctua. One point to pay attention is you fan curve. To be able to provide you with 10 years of warranty their 3 phase (yes 3 phase for this price of 8 Euros) motor has a protection circuit which produces a kind of low microwave oven sound when they are ramping up and down. So do not install aggressive fan curves with short step up and down timings. Than they are really silent. Since they pull and push a lot of air at high speeds you hear the air blowing. If you use it for case you do not need to ramp them up more than 60%. Just make calculations how much air you need in your case to refresh the whole volume in 1 second and use it as absolute maximum. I have 3 of those as intakes. when they blow around 800rpm (40% PWM) you fell that air is getting out from every hole of your case even when the exhaust fan is working.

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  • 1 month ago
  • 1 point

Are you able to turn off the LED on the unify motherboard?

  • 1 month ago
  • 1 point

No, if you find it please let me know :) The post code display can be turned off but the on board power and reset no. It does not disturb me too much when the system is on, but power button is always lit when the system is turned off or off. That one I want to turn off when it is turned off.

  • 1 month ago
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Awesome build!

Finally someone recognises how good the Arctic fans have become. Noctua fans are just overpriced at this point.

  • 1 month ago
  • 1 point

Yes they are awesome. But only P series. F series are unnecessary loud. But P series are the ideal fan for every purpose.