Build completed! So it would of been done sooner except my friend thought he had everything, when I got there to start working on it... he didn't have the motherboard LOL So he had to order that lol, more waiting woooo.

Anyways the build went super smooth no problems and no DOA's! He wanted all blue, but he mistakenly ordered the orange avex ram.. But we both decided to keep it as we think it looks much better this way.

We will definitely be overclocking the hell out of this thing so I'll try and keep this update with some benches an what not.

Hope you guys enjoyed! More to come!

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Thanks all!

Water Cooling Parts List. Total cost for the water cooling parts was just over $800

1 x XSPC Raystorm CPU Waterblock - Intel

1 x EK-FB KIT GA Z87X-OC - Acetal (Motherboard Block)

1 x XSPC RS360 Compact High Performance Radiator - Black

1 x Performance-PCs Über 655 Fully Modded (D5) 12 VDC Water Pump - Blue

Pump Type MCP-655

Sleeve Color Blue

Heatshrink Color Black

1 x Bitspower Water Tank Z-Multi 150 - Full Clear Acrylic Version

1 x XSPC EX240 Copper Dual-Fan Radiator

3 x Monsoon 45° Rotary Angle Fitting - 5/8" - Blue

3 x Monsoon 90° Rotary Angle Fitting - 5/8" - Blue

2 x Monsoon Free Center Compression Fittings, 3/8" x 5/8" Six Pack - Blue

2 x Mayhems Ultra Pure H2O - 1Ltr

1 x Mayhems Dye - 15ml Dark Blue

4 x Monsoon Free Center Compression Fittings, 3/8" x 5/8" Single - Blue

1 x NZXT Sentry Mesh Fan Controller With Five 30W Channels

1 x EK-FC780 GTX Ti - Plexi (Graphics card water block)


  • 70 months ago
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Sorry man... I meant the hard drive. My bad. How did u mount that?

  • 67 months ago
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The bottom 3.25 HDD? double sidded sticky on the bottom. The SSD is on the back side where the SSD mounts are

[comment deleted]
  • 70 months ago
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I simply mounted it on the bottom 5.25 bay