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Sister's Budget PC

by MatthewMarkLukeJohn



Date Published

Jan. 20, 2018

Date Built

Jan. 14, 2018

CPU Clock Rate

3.5 GHz

CPU Temperature While Idle

41.0° C

CPU Temperature Under Load

50.0° C

GPU Core Clock Rate

1.216 GHz

GPU Effective Memory Clock Rate

7.01 GHz


I built this PC for my Sister, who was looking at doing some video editing, but had a very small budget. i caught nearly all of these parts an sale, so what i accually paid for this build was around $600 US Dollars. i understand as far as video editing, this might not be the grandest machine, but hopefully it will inspire anybody who wants to build a decent gaming rig, or just a super snappy PC. I will say that this PC plays games REALLY well. haven't tested any AAA games, but if you don't max out the settings the would probably play very well. Minecraft has top settings and still 125 FPS.

I thank you all for any future comments as this is my first All-New PC build.

Part Reviews


Rock Solid. This little guy Packs a huge punch, running Minecraft at full render distance with 125 FPS on on-board graphics. I can wait to see what else it can do...


I Love this motherboard. it has everything a modest PC builder would need Including the Price! it supports Kaby-Lake processors out of the box, and it has a M.2 slot for future expansion, plus over-clockable. 5 Star


RAM. worked well out of the box. what more can you ask for?


I got the 120 gb version, but still this was a Solid (ha ha) buy. my first SSD and boy I am addicted to them now! awsome product. my only issue was the drive felt rather cheap, like holding a little piece of plastic. but maybe all SSDs are like that. :)


Cheap Storage. Very necessary for video editing :)


Well, I had to save money somewhere. And this is it. I accually think this case is pretty good for the price, but don't expect anything of quality at this price range. when the case came in it was missing it's top PCI-E express lane cover on the back of the case, and the cable management is horrendous. But it did have working USB 3, and a solid tactile power button. I guess that's pretty good.

Power Supply

This was another thing I tried to save money on. Theoretically, it works just fine. however, cables are a little short. couldn't plug in my hard drive and SSD without turning the hard drive upside down in the case. but maybe that was the cases' fault.

Optical Drive

A cheap DVD drive that plays DVD's. does not come with any software, and is extremely loud. but it is pretty fast. If you only got $20 bucks and you need a DVD drive, go for it.

Operating System

Well, would have liked windows 8, but 10's currently the only Windows Operating System that's Still mainstream supported. I "love" all the options Microsoft provides...........


This is my FAVORITE monitor ever. the 1ms response time is Fantastic. I have no need for 4k gaming, especially at this price. built-in speakers are a little weak, and it didn't ship with a HDMI cable, but the DVI outputs a beautiful picture i don't think it even needs the HDMI. would buy 5 times over again.

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