I build this pc to replace my old one, that i have had since 2011.

I wanted to build something that would make me happy now, but also something i can extend further on in the future. That is why i choose this motherboard. I will mostly use the pc for gaming, and i tried to get as much as possible for my budget. And the budget was the unlimited :D

I know that i could have got even better components and performance, had i skipped some of the "bling", but hey... i like bling to :P

Doing the build process i had two stoppers:

First was when i saw a SATA power cable for the first time. I had no idea what it was, so took me a little to figure out, where it was meant to go :D

Second issuee were more of a show-blocker, and cost me three days with no progress, because i tried to debug my entire build! It turned out, that the bios was really old (F4), and i needed F9 to support my 9th generation CPU.

I had no idea that this would be an issue, because i had investigated these things before hand, and i only thought that this applied to the other mobo's in the intel 300 chipset series.

But once fixed, the installation was no problem.

Learning by doing!

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