So this was a major learning experience. This is one of my very first of what will now be many builds. I was finally able to make enough to buy all the parts for this fun and amazing project. It is mostly aimed at gaming but will be used for streaming and editing as well.

I figured the AMD Ryzen 3 would be a good beginner entry start specially for me and not knowing what I am doing besides watching a couple builds from Jayztwocents. I Eventually plan to upgrade the cpu but to what I have no clue at this point in given time.

The Gigabyte B450 Aorus M is an okay mobo it was honestly a starting suggestion from a friend. It does the job just like it should. The first one I got was dead on arrival which sucked really bad. Thankfully newegg worked with me the only thing it took was time. I was planning to upgrade to the MSI B450 tomahawk for the extra room and a couple extra features. The rgb on the board is not bad but it is good for the price point. I would recommend to a beginner. The app center is crazy retro which I honestly should mach the black and red bios system from boot.

Team Vulcan 8GB ram chips are actually from the 3200 series. I wanted to do at least up to 32gb but figured I would not be doing anything to darn demanding. So decided that 16gb is a perfect in between.

The hard drives I had from other computers but add them in thinking these would be a good start. The Hitachi travelstar was one I pulled from a broken laptop.

Now the graphics card that was a very tough choice to make. I wanted bang for my but and to make sure I wouldn't need to worry about my gaming needs. I was honestly very worried about the reviews but so far I have had it a month and works a lot better then the nvidia gtx 1050. I can throw dam near anything at it in ultimate setting and it destroys the 60fps and keeps it there.

I originally had this build in the rosewill Nautalis but decided I wanted something a little cleaner and something to hide the eye sore of a psu lol. Honestly I is a very strong build and am very happy and can't wait to build the next one.

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  • 6 months ago
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Great first build! Especially on cable management for a first-timer; looks great! My only concern is one of the cables hovering right on top of one of the bottom case fans; could potentially get caught in a spinning fan in the future.

Out of curiosity, what keyboard did you buy / reuse? I myself have used a Logitech K120 for 5 years now.

The best part about that motherboard is your upgrade-ability. Any Ryzen processor can fit on that board (and work so long as the BIOS is updated before a newer processor is installed). Meaning any major upgrade is a simple processor swap away.

Also did you check your RAM speeds in the BIOS? From what I have noticed, the default speeds are lower than what the package rates them at (ex: 2133 MHz rather than 3000 MHz) on initial install. I had to change my BIOS profile to XMP so my RAM speed was actually the rated 3000 MHz (although your motherboard supports 2933 MHz and 3200 MHz, so your XMP profile would set the RAM speed to 2933 MHz not 3000 MHz). I say all this because Ryzen processors LOVE higher RAM speeds.

  • 6 months ago
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Oh my I just saw your reply yes I noticed the cables and unfortunately my little 500 watt would not support all the stuff I had going on in this little build. So I had to dish out a little more money for a 750 watt in my local town shop which hurt the pocket but all is better now. Even reworked the rework on my cable management so wait for new pics you guys and gals will hopefully like it.

The keyboard is a trust keyboard from my hp desktop that I had from long ago. I am very open to suggestion on any and all keyboards as I am new but like quality vs affordable.

My friend in Finland happens to make computers for companies and actually suggested this mobo. We later decided that Changing out for the msi b450 tomahawk might be better fit. Though I would honestly suggest this mobo to any beginner.

Yes good question on ram and one step ahead of you. It was one of many steps I did when doing initial setup for Ryzen's Rage. I do not remember the XMP settings but will check and post once I am home. I was so happy finally finishing this as it had always been a dream to make my own pc to exactly what I want. My next build will be save project Darth Maul. So that will be fun. Thank you for the compliments and I hope to show and share more builds with everyone.