This was my first build ever. It's something I've been contemplating for a few years and figured I'd give it a shot. The build videos & completed builds on here made it actually pretty easy. I honestly thought I'd bit off more than I could chew when I set all the parts on the table.

Confession time: I'd pretty much been an Apple guy for the past 14 or 15 years and a console gamer for the past 20. Jumping ship from what I knew was the hardest part. I honestly wanted my kids involved. Instead of growing up with technology and not understanding it, I wanted them to know how everything goes together. They enjoyed it. Hearing the fans spin up when I hit the power button was pretty amazing.

This was a budget top-to-bottom build. I had no parts to being with. I wanted to keep the build to about $900 being that I still had to get Windows and decent monitor. A lot of decisions were aesthetic and budget choices. I wanted a black and white build. The initial video card I purchased was an MSI Radeon 380 2GB that was black and white but I switched to the red/black 4GB at the last minute. I think I did pretty good and I'm happy with the results.

Case: The white NZXT S340 seemed to be pretty popular with the builds around here. I like the look and the cable management was a big deal for me. The window was a deal breaker too. So this case had everything I wanted initially.

Cooler: The stock fan just wasn't doing it for me. I went with the Cryorig H7 for looks mostly. The black and white finish really stands out.

Motherboard: Again, black and white. The Krait Edition looked solid (minus the Bluetooth/Wireless missing from the board). So I threw in the Network adapter. Everything works great.

CPU: The i5-4460 has been pretty popular among the budget builds and it works fine for me.

GPU: This was the hardest concession. It's a budget build. Did I want to drop everything and just get the top-of-the-line? Yes. Build I couldn't. I wanted to stick around $200 for now. Like I said, first build. I think I did OK. It runs Witcher 3 on Ultra and I'm typically getting 30-40 fps outside if I knock down the Hairworks. Inside buildings, it can run up to 60 fps. That makes it unplayable for a lot of you. But it works for me.

Memory: I was looking for white. The HyperX Fury looked clean so I went with 16GB.

Storage: Was pretty standard. A 120 GB SSD and a 1TB 3.5" worked for me.

Power Supply: I probably should have upped this to a higher wattage but 500 worked for me right now. If I upgrade the GPU I'll probably have to upgrade the power supply. This works for now.

Case Fans: The white and black look strikes again. A couple LED White fans run smooth and fairly quiet. The case does sit on my desk so I do hear them obviously.

Monitor: I didn't want to skimp out on this. I went with a 1080p 29" Superwide. No regrets at all. Gaming is pretty sweet on it. Movies are flawless. My TV is a 4K so I will probably upgrade my monitor one day. But for now....I love this thing.

Keyboard and Mouse: Bluefinger wired combo. At $35, it was a decent price with changeable LEDs. Works really well.


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don't worry about not getting a board with wifi, unless you're using a mITX board or a $300+ board, its not worth it

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lol C&H?

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Good build but you could save some money by going with 8 gigs of RAM which I think is overkill. +1 for white theme.