.... I Sit and stare into the distance as my old hp laptop yet again can not run another game, I sit there bored as I cant play with my mates because my $15 old laptop from mums work is so slow........ Then it occurred to me "I should build a desktop

8 Months Later

.... I run to the door as I see the delivery man bring the truck in and I felt like hugging him and squeezing him with joy. I sign the receipt and run inside with the boxes and start to build

5 hours Later

...NOOOOOOOOOOOO why wont it start up. I sit there and ask my mates dad to help me, he reply's "Yeah sure thing "

(The 24 pin was not plugged in properly)

Hi Its Benjamin,

Firstly I hope you liked the little intro I made. I wanted to build a Pc and my budget was $800, lucky I found pc part picker to help me.

CPU - I chose this CPU as it had a great clock speed and obviously overclockable, I read around a lot and was thinking of going with a i5 but a decent one I could of blown my budget,

CPU Cooler - This was one of the last things I decided to fit my budget, It had great reviews but for $20 its great. I plan to get a H100i (in a new case of course) to really cool that beast of a CPU

Motherboard - This board had great reviews and it was red

Ram - Its ram what do I say

Storage - I decided I needed 1TB and when reading reviews found this is one of the best HHD for the buck

Video Card - I know this is where people are going to rage at me!!!, It had great reviews and I plant to add a R9 in one day as I did not have the cash to afford one now also it was on sale

Case / PSU - it was $85 and also from review saw that it was trusty and had good airflow

Optical Drive - What it a optical drive!!!

WiFi Adapter - Unfortunately there is to blue cable internet so I had to use wifi

The PC is great I play minecraft on highest settings at 55 - 70 FPS, Planetside 2 on high settings at 70 - 80 FPS and CIV 5 with no lag!!!

Thanks for reading!!! please comment what I need to add or fix

  • Benjamin
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more pics of the inside please! Also, how do you like the cpu cooler? I need a new one and I'm still undecided.

I'm not going to get the Hyper 212 since the noise level could go higher than I want to.

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I really like the CPU cooler, on boot I my cpu ribs at about 20 degrees and only 5 degrees on 4.2 GHZ. For the price I wolud recomend it to you.

Also if you use the AM3+ socket make sure the system works before is installing ad this is a HUGE cpu bracket

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No it's not!, when I orded it, I payed the same price and they accidentally upgraded the case!!!

I just listed what I payed for :)

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Sickle flow is the model,

Just pulled the PC out to check