3DMark Score-sheet: Used for: Gaming, video recording, video rendering, 3D modeling. Worked well: R9 290 Windforce is surprisingly silent even running the toughest of games. Oftentimes the stock single fan CPU cooler is louder than the triple fan GPU cooler. Kingston's SSDNow mixed with Windows 8.1 has me booting this PC in under 15 seconds, from start-up to logged in. Corsair's Dominator Platinum RAM holds up to its name, especially when I can easily be baking some high res images of a model, be playing a game, and browse the web simultaneously with minimal performance loss. Problems: Windows 8.1 randomly likes to install updates that murder itself. I had a strange problem occur a few months after the first start-up, where an update occurred and caused the Windows Installer to hang every time something used it. It would hang for 30-40 minutes before displaying a window saying that the installer was not responding with a retry button. Clicking it would cause an install to progress slightly, or instantly finish successfully. After a few months of troubleshooting and just putting up with it, I decided to do a safe re-install of Windows, which fixed the issue but caused a host of new, slightly less aggravating problems (Such as ASRock's BS XFast LAN drivers corrupting).

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