Software Development, moderate video and photo editing and casual gaming rig.

OC'd i7 to 4.6ghz, hyper 212x perfect for the price to performance ratio.

Case is a little low end hoping to upgrade that in the near future (Great for begginer). Fans can be a little loud but not even close to unbearable unbearable.

motherboard and software are totally solid highly recommend.

Monitor isn't listed so this is the closest. Not Curved but a good monitor if you need screen space.

Part Reviews


Always a solid cpu. Stupid to not use if you can afford it.

CPU Cooler

Price to performance is absolutely perfect.

Coupled with my 6700k OC'd to 4.6 @ 1.32v. Even on days that the temperature in the room is 40 C temps never go any higher than 55 at full load.


brilliant for the newbie OC'er.

all the options you could need including SLI.


I am hard pressed to find a better replacement (price to performance).

Top notch.

Video Card

for the price you can acheive 100+ fps @ 1440 in AAA titles.


Not a bad case, build quality is a little bit of a let down (very plasticy and thin side panels). A little lacking in the style department too but, doesn't leave you wanting for 3.5" bays (8) and 2x 2.5".

perfect for first time budget build, very easy to work with.

Hyper212x fits perfectly Partpicker can't verify the height but, i can tell you it fits no problem.

Power Supply

surprisingly quiet.

got it cheap at centre com so i jumped at the gold rating.

worth it.

Optical Drive

no problems. works great.

Case Fan

fairly nice led's although a little loud at times.


It's a Cherry keyboard. What more do you want.

Tactile and low actuation travel.

slightly better for gaming than typing but not by much.


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Nice build! Would it be too much to ask for a few pictures of the inside of the case?

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I looked at your build on the builds page and I said to myself "hey this guy's build has the same processor and GPU chipset as my build I'm doing" then I looked at the cost and said "but that budget isn't the same, where is he putting the money if those are his stats?" Then I saw the peripherals, RGB case and 2 HDDs and it all made sense

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