Sorry, picture is of the build in a different case.

This is a salvage build that came about from an older co-worker of mine asking if I could up grade his PC to Windows 10. "Stuff just is not working anymore on my computer, my wife can't even pay bills." he stated. Turns out he was still running Vista on an old HP which had an AMD Athlon 64 X2. So instead I put these parts together, just having to order the Q9400 to give him a quad core. Then it was just a matter of going to his house and setting it up and transferring the files he wanted from his old PC.

Overall, it works for what he and his wife use it for. Pay some bills, find recipes, play solitaire, and watch country music video's on YouTube. He's happy, I'm happy I could help, and my wife is happy because my junk pile got a little smaller.

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  • 5 months ago
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Thats excellent! C2q to the rescue. People dont realize that for every day office use, older parte offer a great budget friendly option for pcs