This is my current main computer that I use for gaming, web browsing/video watching and everything else. I built it in mid 2018 buying all the parts from a Memory express store to avoid shipping costs/waiting times. Since I was out of town working when I bought all of this I built the PC in my hotel room lol. The whole reason I built this computer was because my current rig based on the FX platform was showing it's age and I needed something better and something that would be "future proofed" so I bit the bullet and spent a lot of money on this high end PC. I stuck with the AMD platform as I've been a longtime fanboy and the Ryzen offerings looked amazing so I went with a 2700x, a GTX 1080, 16gb DDR4 ram and an X370 MSI motherboard. I saved some money by buying an X370 board instead of X470 and that was no issue because Memory Express updated the BIOS using a first gen Ryzen chip in store and after over a year I've had no issues with the MSI Gaming pro carbon X370 motherboard. I went with the GTX 1080 Gaming X instead of a 1080TI to save some money because I built this PC during the Bitcoin craze so GPU prices were insane and I'm glad I didn't spend more money on the TI because I still have yet to throw anything at this card that it couldn't handle. One area I do regret saving money on was the RAM though, I only purchased 16GB instead of 32 to save money and even though Ryzen loves high speed memory I got 3000mhz, I know on paper that doesn't look so good but I have yet to have any noticeable issues where I didn't have enough RAM or the speed wasn't enough, I also did research on the ADATA XPG brand as it didn't seem too up there with other brands but it has lots of good reviews and the red dims nicely match the build. The cooling solution came later though for the first year of this PC's life I just used the included AMD Wraith prisim cooler and I didn't have any issues with temperatures I recently decided to upgrade to the Corsair H100i Platinum AIO and I love it, I idle at about 26c and considering the lack of front airflow in my NZXT S340 case I'm quite happy with that. For storage I have a 512GB ADATA SU800 SSD which I boot off of and I've had no issues with and for mass storage I have a WD Blue 2TD HDD which has also been great. The power-supply isn't an area I necessarily cheaped out on but I didn't spend a lot either, it's a EVGA supernova 750w 80+B Semi modular unit and it's been great not much to say there. The build is nice looking with the general Black, red and white theme the only eyesore being the top exhaust fan which is a Thermaltake blue ring fan and it was never meant to be in this build one of the original NZXT case fans had a bad bearing and would grind like hell on startup so I had to replace it and this was the only fan I had. Also I recently purchased a new case to swap the parts into that I'm still waiting on for shipping, a DEEPCOOL MATREXX 55 3RGB Fan case.

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  • 1 month ago
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Looks very nice. Isn't that aio upside down?

  • 1 month ago
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thank you! and no? It works perfectly fine and I double checked other builds and found plenty with the AIO installed like this, Even found a form post where someone asked if it was okay to install an AIO like this and everyone said it should work fine.