Work in Progress... Reviews added. More to come as the little bugs and such are worked out. :)

Big apologies for the single pic. I hate pictures like this - out of focus and just bad. So of course I end up posting one... Better pics up later this week. Just wanted to get this finally posted after putting it off for so long.

As noted in the case review, still have to get around to rewiring the RGB portion of the fans included in the case.

Part Reviews


Great chip for the price. However, it does not seem to run as solidly as benchmarks would lead one to believe.
The only real regret in putting this computer together. I should have spent the extra $50 and gotten at least the Ryzen 5 2600.
Nonetheless, it still handles the gaming this computer is intended for and has no problem with the day-to-day operations of the computer handling email, internet and the like.

CPU Cooler

So far, so good. Out of the box the RGB ring attached to the case fan seemingly defective (top left corner of the ring was flickering to white and back depending on the colour chosen) The ring around the cooler on the CPU also is not full RGB. When full rainbow selected, while the fan runs all colours just fine the CPU cooler only displays red, yellow and green. For the price it is a steal getting RGB chase on both the case fan and the cooling block. Not sure if our unit is just defective on both pieces but for the amount of colour options you can run with outside of the full RGB chase it's a good little AIO.

NOTE - Under load while running games it makes a lot more noise than the Cooler Master ML240L in our other case. But with speakers running sound or headphones on for group talk it is not noticeable.

Only real complaint so far is that the Gamdias has attached a header to one of the cables that they say works with the Asus Aura motherboard. However, the Prime X470-Pro requires 4-pin connection for the RGB headers. The header supplied by Gamdias has one of the pins plugged to only allow for a three pin connection.


Loving this motherboard. Have been running one in our other gaming computer for the past year with zero issues. Everything about this motherboard for the price point (under $200) is well worth it.
Decent amount of RGB on the board which is nice, as well.


RAM does pretty much what you would expect of it. Running the exact same RAM in our other gaming computer for the past year with zero issues. Only regret on this component is the way RAM keeps dropping in price and, had we waited, we could have had higher speed RAM (and even 16GB of it) for a handful of bucks more.
Doing my best to avoid constantly comparing prices... ;)

Video Card

No issues with this video card, either. Have been running the comparable XFX model in our other gaming computer the past year with no issues. The 580 chipset has been great for the gaming we do (consisting almost entirely of WoW). Not the greatest chipset for the 4k end of things (which, at this point, should be universally known) but running at 2k it has had no problem with Ultra settings in WoW.


Bit of mixed feelings on this case.
The Good: -Incredible deal for what you get. The case looks pretty good, has a full-panel glass side with a shroud for the PSU area and comes with 4 RGB chase fans. Loads of venting all over the case (top and bottom as well as front and back).

The Bad: -The fan system. For some reason Rosewill decided to use a proprietary connection system that has to run through an attached box that connects to a fan controller on the motherboard. And it does not work. (Maybe ours is defective. Have yet to determine this.) Have to do some work on this to link the fans together and change the connection on the fan cables to run with a PWM connector.
-Not a huge fan of the Rosewill logo on the side of the PSU shroud but this is really just a personal taste thing. ;)

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