EDIT: Since I first posted this, I realized the cpu fan was installed incorrectly, so instead imagine the fan in the pics above to be on the right side, blowing out towards the back.

Hey, everyone! I'm happy to say that I have finally completed my very first computer. I indulged a little with certain parts such as the psu and the case, but I am happy with how it turned out. The computer I have been using isn't bad at all, but the graphics card is sub-par. It is a Dell Studio XPS 7100. Instead of simply upgrading the graphics card, I decided to try and build my very own rig from scratch. It was such a fun (and sometimes arduous) learning process and was well worth the effort. If you are asking yourself still why I chose the name I did for my machine, it's a rather cheesy reason. Basically, it means "a new beginning" in Latin. At least that is what this translator said, hah! I was originally going for the 600 to lower 700 price range for my rig, but my impatience got the better of me. I decided to buy the rest of my parts without waiting on any discounts.

The original case I was going to get was the Zalman Z12 plus for 49.99, but I missed the discount and it went up in base price afterwards. I later saw the Blackhawk on sale, so I figured why not even though it costs more regardless. I guess the pretty LEDs got to me. The same happened with the psu. It was way more than I needed, but it had one heck of a discount. I could always use that extra room the psu gives me for extra expansion later if I decide to go that far. For it being my first time, it went by surprisingly well. There were no hiccups on start up or anything. Figuring out how the fans worked was a huge hassle out of all things, however. Anyways. I hope it is all right. I regretfully didn't take that many pictures of the building process, but I will post all that I have.

Oh, one minor hiccup. I forgot to put the rear I/O panel on, and I only realized it after everything was in place. I'm not taking it apart just to put that thing on haha. One last thing... I'm not a fan with the fact that the atx12v cable was relatively short. I also didn't like the fact the case provided no way of getting said cable clearly to where it needed to go. I had to resort to snaking it in between my gpu and cpu cooler and tying the sucker down.

Cpu temperature: I used Prime95 for 30 minutes until I was certain the temperature would not climb any higher. It actually dipped down during the test. My previous testing showed it went up to 47C. This was before I oriented my cpu fan correctly. The highest was 44C.

Gpu temperature: I used Furmark for 30 minutes. At 1280x720 (0xMSAA),the gpu started out at 30C (could have been 24C, but I didn't give it a full chance to cool from previous test), and it teetered between 60C and 61C for practically the entire test. The average fps was 52. At 1920x1080 (0xMSAA), the temp stopped at 59C which I assume is because the average fps was 26. I didn't notice any visual artifacts. Granted, I'm not over-clocking but still. No artifacts made me feel nice. Keeping in mind that this program puts much more strain on the card than most games, temp/fps will be lower/higher respectively for most if not all the time I would imagine. I am in love with the cooling on this gpu though. It should probably be noted that during the 720p burn-in, I didn't have have Burn-in, Xtreme burn-in or Post-FX checked in settings. They were during the 1080p burn-in benchmark.

That pretty much ends whatever you want to call this. A presentation? I don't know. Anyways. I hope you find this machine to be adequate. As for me, I am very satisfied.


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