Hello there, this was my first ever build done for my brother (Before Shiny Charizard, my own personal second build).

The choices of parts may not be the most optimized as It was my first attempt at selecting and assembling a PC. There were many frustrations and problems encountered throughout the build (through amateur mistakes) and is still something that will require fixing in the future.

lets get straight into the part choice!


For the CPU, I decided to go for a quad core i5 as it was on sale bundled with the Asus H97M-Plus M-atx motherboard and Corsair Vengeance Pro 8GB, giving a good discount of $90 AUD. The CPU is rock solid, although temps may get high when my brother plays GTA etc. (due to stock cooler)


Came in a bundle. This motherboard is packed full of features however there are some issues encountered. The standoffs do not appear on the right side of the motherboard where the SATA and 24-Pin ATX power socket is located. This causes flexing when plugging in cables and a finger was required to hold the underside of the motherboard. The 24 Pin Power Cable also has trouble fitting the socket as it won't fit flush like the 8Pin EPS, but is still locked on pretty well with just under 1mm gap (Hopefully it'll be ok, although its been running fine for the past 6 months). Otherwise a rock solid motherboard.


Nothing much to say here, looks shiny, solid and very nicely built.


1TB is plenty for all my brothers movies, videos, and games, he doesn't mind the speed that an SSD could bring, so saves a few bucks here.

Graphics Card:

GTX 760 is more then enough juice for all the games my brother enjoys, it also runs super cool and quiet and looks awesome in the case!


My brother wanted a white case with blue accents and it was between the Aerocool Strike X (Blue/White) or the Phantom 410, however Phantom 410 prevails. Custom Panel Modifications have been made to give the case a unique look. The routing of the CPU/EPS 8pin was difficult as the cutouts were tiny!, however still manageable. The rubber grommets dropped out way too easy from moving cables through. Very roomy and overall, a good case besides the hard to put back side panels and front/top bezels.

Power Supply:

Rock solid, quiet, reliable, I always trust the quality seasonic brings.

Overall, this first building experience was great, yet frustrating due to all the setbacks and complications encountered with the Phantom 410's difficult front/top bezel. It took so much brute force just to pop them off to attach the fans, and the side panels were a nightmare to align to get it back on. Plugging in all the cables to the mobo also made my OCD kick in ALOT due to the fear of putting too much pressure on the cables, especially the 24 pin, however overall worked out well, and the PC is performing rock solid!

(Apologies for Bad Pics, these were taken long time ago before my second build log which i posted)

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I wish I could see a preset price list of the parts to understand better with what you mention about the bundle deals, otherwise I enjoyed reading about your description and seeing some temps on details.

That's very sweet and kind of you to build for your bother! I'm certain he is happy and grateful for you to take the time to build it! Love the parts and great job! +1

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Haha thanks, the bundle deals were off Mwave, they usually have various DIY kits that come with a CPU, Motherboard, Ram and sometimes GPU. In this case this bundle was a clearance bundle sale (they tend to cycle around alot), and happened to have a special at that time with the 3 parts at a big discount if paid with paypal. These days the bundle kits seem to be only 30-40 dollars off the total (Compared to if you shop the parts seperately from them) (Oh and this is Australian Dollars Btw)

Yes he is happy with the finished product and thanks for commenting =)

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Pretty cool build for the price :)

  • 60 months ago
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Thank you for your nice words haha =)

  • 60 months ago
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Nice Build !!

Few words of Advice: Phanteks PH-TC12DX or Hyper 212 EVO

Just noticed you have High Profile Memory so the Phanteks PH-TC12DX Might work out better clearance wise.

As you can see another nice thing about the Phanteks PH-TC12DX is that you can get it in a handful of Colors to match the scheme of most builds..

Trust me on this one.. No reason in having a nice custom Rig with a Crappy Stock CPU Cooler.. Get the EVO or Equivalent Your CPU Thermals will thank you, and it will finalize the "Yes it is Custom" Look and Feel Grin..

Thanks for taking the time to make a Build Log !!

  • 60 months ago
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Yes I perfectly agree with you that cooler will look great and help with the thermals tremendously.

However as it is not my own personal rig, my brother has to be the one who wishes to upgrade, in which for now, he doesn't really seem to mind having stock or aftermarket CPU coolers. I have talked him into getting an aftermarket CPU cooler during part selection (6-7months ago), and he just said stock will be fine.

So yes I wish I could get that Cooler for him, but for now, its his decision and his rig and he seems happy at the moment so can't really force someone to do something haha.

Thanks again for the feedback!

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Yeah.. I'm fighting a Similar battle with my Best Friend.. Know my Solution ?? I'm buying the damn sexy Custom Heat Sink For Him, and if he puts up any more resistance I'll be sneaking in and installing it while he Sleeps !!!!

Friends Don't Let Friends build custom rigs and run Stock Coolers.... End of Story Grin..

Yes, I call me what you will, but that is how strongly I feel about it..

If you need more help with persuasion let me know.. I'd offer to pay for that one too, but if I started doing that before long I'd be flat broke and be forced to run a POS stock cooler myself.... ROTFLMAO

  • 59 months ago
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Hey how man fans did you buy for this case? is there a fan control built into the case? and what size fans did you use?

  • 59 months ago
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The case comes with 1 front (120mm), 1 rear (120mm), 1 top (140mm), I purchased 3 extra fans (all 120mm). One Bitfenix spectre white with Blue Led, and 2 cooler master sickle flow with blue Led. Yes there is a fan controller built into the case, the case has 7 fan cables inside, u just attach ur fan 3pin onto it and theres a slider on the top of the case that can change from low/medium/high speed. Hope i helped!

  • 59 months ago
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Thanks so much :)