Aiming for something that is much quieter / less heat and seeing if I can pimp it out with some RGB components after enjoying the wraith prism for the past few months.

Would have preferred the MSI x470 motherboard but sold out in NZ and hard to flash bios if I looked further. Plan on updating the mobo once there is a better alternative, x570s are overpriced trash atm.

Building Nov/Dec 2019

Plan on updating the GFX next year sometime, 5700 maybe?

UPDATE 01: 12th Dec 19

Ended up having to wait for a b450 Pro Carbon as the 470x version was discontinued due to bios and the new gen of cpus. PC is built and running, will do some benching tonight. Idle temps seem hotter than expected, internet says this is normal, will change name to quiet summer.

NZXT 710 is on the larger side, didn't want the 510 due to venting on the top. 610 anyone?

UPDATE 02: 16th Dec 19

Haven't had much time to use it, brief amount of gaming has felt a lot cleaner. Will wait for next gen amd gpus to come out and look at that as my next upgrade ie. RX 5700 price drop or alternative.

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why 32gb?