To start, I would like to apologize for the crappy quality of the pics. (ALSO EXPLANATION OF THE FREE STUFF SOON.) I started putting this thing together back in 2011 on my 13th birthday. Now i'm going to give you guys the rundown... The original build had the very same i5, a gt 210, 4gb of corsair vengeance ram and a garbage power supply. After around 2 weeks of gaming on the 210, I told my dad that I was going to need a better video card. So for Christmas, he got me a AMD HD 6850, and a brand new 27" monitor. For my next birthday I ordered the Thermaltake CPU cooler, the Asus P8Z77-V, an additional 4 GB of ram, a 750B EVGA Power Supply, and lastly, an EVGA GTX 660. I continued to play on that rig for around a year and a half. However soon I began to realize that I was going to need more umph for my video card (this is where the bad begins).

So for my 16th birthday, I decided that I was going to need 2 Sapphire 280xs, and a new power supply to support them. My good friend recommended the Corsair RM850 and I eventually followed up on his recommendation. This was around a month before my birthday. Now I invited the same good friend over so we could hang out and he decided to give me my birthday present. The present was the Phanteks Enthoo Pro, the 16GB of Crucial Ram, and all of my fans. When this happened, I was floored, and I am still very thankful today. Now back to the 280xs. After my birthday occurred, I ordered the cards along with the RM850. I received the cards along with the power supply and I was anxious to throw them into the build. This is when i realized that one of the cards' PCB was bent... With disappointment I put it back in the box so it was ready to get shipped back. I then put the other card in my system, and there was terrible tearing even in the windows login screen... I also put this one back and demanded a refund from newegg. With the refund money, I got the GTX 970.

Now for my review on all the parts:

CPU: Nice CPU, as you may have read, I've been using this processor for 4 years now and it is still running strong today. I don't see a point in upgrading because of the greatness of this processor. If it wasn't 2014 I would recommend this any day.

CPU Cooler: Got this when I was a novice, still not bad, definitely better than the stock cooler.

Motherboard: Good motherboard, I've used this for around 2 years and haven't had a problem.

RAM: Good ram, haven't used it too long but it works and it's efficient and that is all that matters.

SSD: I use this as my boot drive and use very few programs on it, super fast boot up with a low price so 5 stars.

HDD: I've used this drive since 2011, and it still works. 5 Stars.

GPU: I'm so happy the 280xs were broken. This card is a beast and for the price I'm really happy with it.

Case: Beautiful Case. Like I said, my friend got it for me, and i'm still grateful. 5 Stars.

Power Supply: Overkill even for 2 970s, but it's still a great power supply.

Asus VG248QE: 144hz is glorious, and i'm happy I was able to get it. Colors are nice and balanced, and Anne Hathaway background looks good.

Asus VN248H-P: Cool IPS monitor. Had to fix the colors a bit, but only took a sec. Solid monitor and it matches the size of the VG248QE.

Case Fans: Slightly loud, and gives off a blue color in pics, but it really nice in person. Makes it feel like there is a theme to the build.

Keyboard and Mouse: I've had these for 3 days, but right now they are the perfect size and they both look nice and feel good.

Thus the conclusion. I love this thing, and I look forward to adding more in the future. Thanks everyone who has gotten this far for reading. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


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nice build m8. +1

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This is a fantastic build, yes the older sandy bridge cpu's are still one of the best (I know because I've been using a 2600k for about 2.5 years now...I made my pc in mid-end of 2012) I'm still working on my build and I will post pictures when it is done!

+1 for using a Gigabyte G1 Gaming GTX 970 (such a beast and highest overclocker of the 970's) and also those lightning fast boot times and overall solid build. (should even be +2) XD ha ha