This is my first build, made back in early July, and was designed to be a college workhorse in the coming years. The main uses will be CAD/Editing in CS6/Gaming, but mostly the first two. Now for a rundown of the parts.

CPU - I went with the 8350 over the 3570k due to the better render times In 3D modeling/VFX work. I may have lost a bit on single core/everyday performance, but I can't notice it and it still beats the hell out of my 3 year old laptop.

CPU COOLER - I went with the 212 EVO as an easy choice since my aim was best Price/Performance. It's kept everything cool and is quieter than my case's stock fans. The only worry i had before building was the clearance between the top of the heat sink and the side panel of my case. The clearance ended up being ~.5 inches, which is fine with me.

MOBO - This Motherboard had everything I was looking for (Crossfire support/ Lots of 6gb/s SATA / OC'ing ease) and had a nice black/grey color scheme to boot. I have had no problems, the build posted the first power on, which was a huge sigh of relief. I would recommend it for a great price/performance contender.

RAM - I got this RAM on a flash sale on newegg, and it combined 1600 speed and good timings, as well as a lower heatsink. NOTE: this ram JUST BARELY fits under the 212 EVO. I populated the recommended slots and therefore didn't have any clearance issues, but it's good to know that if I get another pair sometime, they will fit.

SSD - I wanted an SSD for faster boot times with an OS, as well as a few programs I'd be accessing a lot. I picked this up at microcenter while picking up my Processor/Mobo, and for $100 at the time it was a good price. Boot up isn't blazing fast, about 29 seconds from button press to desktop, but again it sure beats the hell out of my 3 year old laptop.

HDD - I went with the Caviar Blue over the Black because I could sacrifice a little speed for quiet, and I'm glad i went with this. Even when it gets chugging, I can only hear it over my case fans when my ear is within 6 inches if it. Would highly recommend.

GPU - I went with the 7950 over an Nvidia because I couldn't find something that was comparable in terms of processing power and vRAM in the ~$300 price range i set for my gpu. Overclocking will be in the future and I plan to get this thing up to near 7970 performance with a little pushing and tweaking. No problems so far, and it keeps quiet and cool under load.

CASE - I went with the 300R over the R4 because i wanted lots of fan slots and tool-less hard drive swapping. I'm glad i went with this, the airflow is great, and everything is sleek(er) with the cable management options. The non-grommeted cable holes aren't too great of a drawback for me, especially in my first build.

FANS - Great price for 5 fans. one of the 120mm was a little loud with some whine, but with 7 other fans running at once, I'll do just fine without it.

PSU - Great semi-modular Power supply, no complaints about performance. The only gripe is that only 1 out of 2 included 8-pin connectors fit my GPU, forcing me to power the other 8 pin on it with 2 molex. Besides that, I'd highly recommend it.

It may not be an absolute power house, but I felt like i put my money into something that will serve me well over the next couple of years and that I get to call my own. Thank you if you actually went through that rant up there. Any comments/questions can be commented and I'll be happy to reply.


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Great build, congrats. +1

With that much RAM you could even build yourself a RAM cache disk, that will give you crazy like performances.