After years of trying, I finally convinced my wife to let me build a new comp. I had a budget of about $800 and this is what I build!

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  • 84 months ago
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congrats on talking your wife into it. i know how difficult that can be. you did a great job on cable management. some here might not agree, but i know how difficult it can be in lower priced cases, and you handled yourself very well for a first time builder. pat yourself on the back. if you want to stop reading here, feel free, but i assume you posted on pcpartpicker to get some feedback so here is my two pennies.

overkill on the RAM, couldve saved ~$40 on a set of 2x4gb and not noticed any decrease in performance. overkill on the optical. that sounds like a good price for a blu-ray player but i would be surprised if you find that useful in two months. could've saved ~$30 there. the extra money could've gone towards a better power supply. you invested too much money to go cheap on the one component that can most easily destroy your investment. lastly, my best purchase has been an ssd. in fact i wish mine was even more than just a boot drive. get a mobo $50 cheaper and invest some of the other savings in an ssd, and this machine would blow away your expectations.

regardless of my critiques, im happy you took the leap and hope that you love your machine.

  • 84 months ago
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Looks great, but how is that PSU handling? I might get it myself...